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Heritage Place Fall Mixed Sale November 4-5, 2016

Information Coming Soon.

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17 Jess Me Runnin V 2/26/2015 Sorrel Colt Jess Lips Me Chickie Major Rime
26 I Am Spartacus 2/24/2015 Brown Colt Jess Louisiana Blue PT Special Eyeopener Mr Eye Opener
31 Koko Taylor 2/17/2016 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Runaway Wave Runaway Winner
36 She Is Smoke 4/20/2015 Brown Filly Captain Courage Shake It First First To Flash
41 Jess Lips On Fire V 2/14/2015 Brown Colt Jess Lips Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
43 Sixy Cartel V 4/15/2015 Brown Filly Corona Cartel Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
53 Jess On Fire V 3/27/2015 Sorrel Colt Jess Lips Treasured Corona Southern Corona
56 Viva La Tentacion V 4/3/2015 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
62 A Classy Looker 2/27/2015 Brown Filly Foose Aclassymoove Chicks Beduino
64 One Sweet Rhythm 1/30/2015 Sorrel Filly One Sweet Jess Alamitos Rhythm Red Hot Rhythm
66 All Valiant 3/12/2015 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
69 Kool Cartel Wagon 4/29/2015 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Baby Perry Mr Jess Perry
71 Blazin Prize Doc 4/2/2015 Sorrel Colt First Prize Doc Blazin Fire This Snow Is Royal
76 Be Afraid 5/31/2015 Brown Colt Tac It Like A Man Cajun Eye Opener Mr Eye Opener
77 Carneros 1/19/2015 Bay Colt Prospect To The Top Cakebread And Thou Valiant Hero
78 On The Lookout 4/12/2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Cat Five Storm Panther Mountain
79 Enchanted Cartel 1/31/2015 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Catalina Fantasy First Down Dash
85 Triple Kash 4/1/2015 Sorrel Gelding Triple Vodka Corona Kash Corona Cartel
90 Dolls Regal Doc 4/25/2015 Sorrel Colt First Prize Doc Dolls Regal Choice A Regal Choice
98 Shez Fantastic 3/23/2015 Gray Filly Hez Our Secret Fantastic Runaway Ocean Runaway
102 First Corona Affair 4/12/2015 Bay Filly Corona Cartel First Down Affair First Down Dash
107 Dancer 3/11/2015 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Fly Miss Corona Corona Cartel
112 Quick Thrill 1/22/2013 Sorrel Gelding Mighty Invictus Genuinely Kool First N Kool
120 Teller Easy 4/12/2010 Sorrel Mare Teller Cartel Honor Ease Holland Ease Jess Louisiana Blue
122 Caviar And Corona 2/2/2013 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
136 Jess Fire Me Thru 1/22/2013 Sorrel Gelding Walk Thru Fire Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
138 Girl Loves Her Stoli 1/26/2013 Chestnut Filly Stoli Jessees Girl Mr Jes Perry
139 NSM Jayhawker 2/22/2014 Brown Gelding Carters Cartel Jessthelouisianagirl Mr Jess Perry
140 RBJ Running Moon 3/3/2013 Sorrel Mare First Moonflash Jo N Jessie Mr Jess Perry CORONADO CARTEL
141 Fast N Dangerous 1/27/2014 Bay Mare Valiant Hero Jo N Jessie Mr Jess Perry
143 Night Lines 1/2/2000 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Kicken West Holland Ease Tempting Dash
153 The Louisiana Sioux 2/28/2014 Bay Filly The Louisiana Cartel La Jolla Sioux Streakin La Jolla
156 Lady Dominyun 1/19/2014 Brown Filly Dominyun Lady Elaina First Down Dash
157 Apolliticalsignature 2/26/2012 Gray Gelding Apollitical Jess Lady Jayne Cee Chicks Beduino
163 Giorgino 3/21/2008 Sorrel Stallion Apollo (TB) Las Alamitos First Down Dash
164 Its Sweet Tobe First 4/9/2013 Bay Colt One Sweet Jess Last Shall Be First Strawfly Special
168 First Lil Passion 3/13/2012 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Lil Bit Dutch Holland Ease Ivory James
170 Lilly Is First 2/2/2013 Brown Filly First Moonflash Lilly Cartel Corona Cartel
171 Lady Jitters 3/13/1995 Bay Mare Raise A Secret Lisabar Doll Reb’s Policy (TB) Send A Candy Guy
173 Black Flag Warning 3/20/2013 Gray Gelding Corona Cartel Little Surfer First Down Dash
174 Logans Zoomin 4/16/2012 Bay Gelding Jess Zoomin Logans Game Game Patriot
175 Miss Jess Lips V 2/7/2014 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Loose Lips First Down Dash
186 One Hot Chickie 2/19/2016 Sorrel Filly Feature Mr Bojangles Me Chickie Major Rime
191 Gon In A Flash 3/1/2013 Sorrel Gelding First Moonflash Meter Her Gone Meter Me Gone
192 Coach Purse 1/25/2014 Brown Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Mia Corona First Down Dash
193 One Diamond 1/24/2010 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Micheles Alibi Sir Alibi PROSPECT TO THE TOP
195 Mighty Shazoom 2/5/2006 Sorrel Mare Shazoom Mighty Obscession Runaway Winner VALIANT HERO
216 Feature Mr Bojangles 2/1/2009 Sorrel Stallion Feature Mr Jess Catch This Dash First Down Dash
221 None As Valiant 2/27/2013 Gray Filly Valiant Hero None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
223 Katella Queen 4/14/1998 Sorrel Mare Raise A Secret Oh La Proud Shirley’s Champion (TB) Send The Candy Guy
225 One Prospect 3/15/2016 Sorrel Colt Prospect To The Top One Diamond Walk Thru Fire
236 Baby You A Song 2/1/2014 Bay Gelding Pyc Paint Your Wagon Penelope Cruzin Okey Dokey Dale
257 My Cherry Bomb 1/1/2014 Sorrel Filly Wave Carver Red Face Girl Valiant Hero
258 Fly N My Corona V 2/11/2014 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Regal Fly Strawfly Special
259 Regal Fly (OVH-E1) 4/20/2000 Brown Mare Strawfly Special Regal Move *Beduino (TB) JESS LIPS
265 Flashy Lifestyle 3/4/2014 Brown Filly First Moonflash Rodeo Moon Mr Jess Perry
271 Apollitical Streak 3/26/2013 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
275 Tick Tac 7/20/2011 Gray Mare Tac It Like A Man Runaway Wave Runaway Winner TELLER CARTEL
277 Dashing Tears 1/15/2013 Brown Filly Bodacious Dash Savage Tears Reckless Dash
284 Sera Corona V 2/8/2014 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Sera Fina Corona Cartel
286 Shake It First 4/10/2005 Bay Mare First To Flash Shake It Amanda Special Shake
290 Chicks A Flying 1/4/1999 Brown Mare Chicks Beduino Sheer Hope The Signature MR JESS PERRY
292 Hesnowstevo 2/23/2014 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle Shesnowlady First Down Dash
295 No Habits Here 2/21/2012 Sorrel Gelding No Secrets Here Sheza Habit Apollo
297 Silk Dash On Fire V 2/18/2014 Bay Gelding Tempting Dash Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
298 Momentous Temptation 4/27/2013 Sorrel Gelding Tempting Dash Simpllify Strawfly Special
303 Sixy Mr Bojangles 3/23/2016 Brown Colt Feature Mr Bojangles Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
304 Sixy Hero On Fire V 2/11/2014 Gray Gelding Valiant Hero Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
305 One Dashin Chamisa V 2/25/2014 Gray Filly One Dashing Eagle Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
307 Taken Her Time 3/6/2007 Sorrel Mare Takin On the Cash Sixy Hemp Sixarun VALIANT HERO
310 No Mas Corona 2/19/2004 Bay Stallion Fishers Dash Sizzling Lil Sizzlie Te
321 Cajun Eye Opener 2/12/2006 Bay Mare Mr Eye Opener Special Heart First Down Dash FEATURE MR BOJANGLES
332 Top Notch Game 3/26/2013 Brown Gelding Game Patriot Streakin Amber Streakin La Jolla
336 One Dashin Rose 2/25/2014 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Strike A Rose Strawfly Special
339 Ode To Suzy 3/12/2014 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Suzy Cartel Corona Cartel
347 Tellers Cajun 1/9/2016 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Teller Easy Teller Cartel
348 Tellers Eagle 1/14/2014 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Teller Easy Teller Cartel
352 Dashing For Thanks 3/1/2011 Brown Mare Tempting Dash Thanks Jens Strawfly Special
355 A Tempting Special 4/1/2012 Chestnut Stallion Tempting Dash The Long Straw Strawfly Special
360 Unappeasable 1/14/2014 Brown Filly Carters Cartel This Dreams Flying Strawfly Special
362 Magnificant Dreams 2/22/2013 Bay Gelding Woodbridge Three Dee Dreams Heza Fast Man
367 17 Recip - Tick Tac 1/1/2011 Bay Mare Foose Tick Tac Runaway Winner Foose
373 Crios 3/11/2011 Sorrel Gelding Walk Thru Fire Tolltac The Belle Tolltac
387 Miss Valiant Hero V 3/6/2014 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
391 Wall Street Beauty 1/14/2014 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Wallstreet Darlin Bully Bullion
394 Splishsplash 3/14/2012 Brown Filly Splash Bac Wave Rider First Down Dash
395 Persistent PYC 2/20/2013 Brown Gelding Pyc Paint Your Wagon Windy Perry Mr Jess Perry
410 A Phenomenal Jess 2/27/2013 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry A First Down Chick First Down Dash
413 Stoli A Heart 2/24/2014 Sorrel Filly Stoli A Tart With A Heart Sixarun
418 Tempting Dashforcash 4/7/2012 Sorrel Gelding Tempting Dash Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
422 PT Special Eyeopener 1/6/2008 Bay Mare Mr Eye Opener Angies Super Effort Special Effort Brookstone Bay
427 Itsmybag 4/13/2000 Chestnut Mare Bag Avenger’s Bouguet Staunch Avenger
432 Mai Corona 4/2/2009 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Babe On The Beach Invisible Injun Jesse James Jr
436 Blissful Beth 1/1/1998 Bay Mare Heza Fast Man Beths Beluga Dash For Cash
440 Eos Firewater 3/8/2014 Sorrel Gelding Wave Carver Blazin Fire This Snow Is Royal
442 FM Future Dreams 3/27/2010 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Bodacious Dream Corona Cartel
445 Jesst A Dream 2/23/2014 Bay Filly Mr Jess Perry Bodacious Dream Corona Cartel
464 Vera Bang 1/12/2013 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Corona Couture Corona Cartel
466 Fantsy Pants 2/18/2012 Sorrel Mare Splash Bac Corona Deluxe Corona Cartel
469 Chrism 4/1/2014 Sorrel Gelding Tac It Like A Man Coronation Roses Corona Cartel
476 Dare You To Beat Me 3/13/2014 Brown Filly Tres Seis Daring Difference Victory Dash
481 17 Recip - Dashing Brown Eyes Mare Send A Candy Guy Dashing Brown Eyes Dashing Dinero Send The Candy Guy
482 Love Quotes 3/28/2014 Bay Filly Volcom Dashing Dion Heza Fast Man
483 Dashing Double 2/13/2013 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Dashingfordestiny Mr Jess Perry
488 Special Debonair 2/8/2004 Bay Mare Eyesa Special Deboniaress Mr Dark Jet Send A Candy Guy
494 Denali Sunset 1/28/2014 Bay Colt Carters Cartel Denali Peak Royal Quick Dash
500 Fast Movin Fire 2/15/2014 Bay Filly Walk Thru Fire Dollars Chick Chicks Beduino
501 Who Said What 2/1/2014 Bay Gelding Pyc Paint Your Wagon Dolls Regal Choice A Regal Choice
503 LG El Javalin 2/18/2013 Brown Colt ZZ Cartel Down Kate Gol
507 Duck It 1/21/2012 Brown Mare Ivory James Duck Mea Running Tour De Kas
516 Rollicking Red 3/13/2014 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Eye For Corona Corona Cartel
524 Paynter 1/25/2012 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle Eyesa Knockout Eyesa Special
527 Fantastic Runaway 3/4/2008 Sorrel Mare Ocean Runaway Fantastic Jessie Mr Jess Perry Apollitical Jess
528 17 Recip - Fantsy Pants 1/1/2002 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Fantsy Pants Splash Bac First Down Dash
529 Miss Fast Jeans 4/21/2012 Bay Mare Ivory James Fast Jeans Strawflyin Buds Foose
532 Dolly Parton Prize 3/9/2014 Bay Filly Coronas Leaving You Fast Prize Dolly Shazoom
534 Tempting Rose 1/9/2013 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Fast Prize Rose Mr Jess Perry
536 Valiant Norther 2/26/2013 Bay Gelding Valiant Hero Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
538 Feature A Runaway 3/27/2012 Bay Gelding Ocean Runaway Feature Dreamgirl Feature Mr Jess
551 Rosies Tornado 1/20/2012 Gray Mare Chicks Regard First Tea Rose First Down Dash
552 Flashy Fortune 1/28/2012 Sorrel Mare Brookstone Bay Flashy Heifer Six Fortunes
554 Corona Senator 3/14/2013 Bay Gelding Louisiana Senator Fly Miss Corona Corona Cartel

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