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Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale - January 19, 20 & 21, 2017

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3 Zoomin Episode 2/26/2012 Bay Mare Jess Zoomin A Corona Episode Corona Cartel Bodacious Dash 3/13/2016
8 Unnamed 2/29/2016 Brown Colt Teller Cartel A Lil Known Fact Special Task
12 Unnamed 2/10/2016 Bay Filly Favorite Cartel A Secretary Country Side
13 Favorite Secretary 2/10/2015 Chestnut Filly Favorite Cartel A Secretary Country Side
18 Jess A Streakin Mate 2/5/2006 Bay Mare Jess Louisiana Blue A Streakin Mate Streakin La Jolla Big Daddy Cartel 5/20/2016
24 Carrie Bradshaw 3/26/2013 Bay Filly Tac It Like A Man A Tiny Bit More Strawfly Special
26 Lil Injun Maid 2/3/2011 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Algonquin Invisible Injun VALIANT HERO 2/9/2016
27 Vette 1/1/2016 Gray Colt Chicks Regard Algonquin Invisible Injun
30 Coronas Dreamgirl 2/5/2009 Chestnut Mare Corona Cartel Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
31 All Valiant 3/12/2015 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
37 Pirate Coves Hero 2/3/2014 Sorrel Gelding Valiant Hero American Feature Feature Mr Jess
45 Eagle Springs 3/25/2013 Gray Filly One Famous Eagle Aquafina First Down Dash
53 Baja Blues Girl 4/15/2013 Bay Filly Jess Louisiana Blue Baja Rosa Dean Miracle
63 Daddys Dollars 2/3/2013 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Better Tobe Separate Separatist
65 Magna Moon 3/5/2016 Brown Colt First Moonflash Bhb Mighty Mr Jess Perry
69 Unnamed 4/14/2016 Sorrel Colt Stel Corona Big On Charm Sir Alibi
70 Beg Stel or Borrow 1/29/2010 Sorrel Mare Stel Corona Big On Charm Sir Alibi TAC IT LIKE A MAN 2/3/2016
71 Frenchmans Deuce 4/10/2016 Palomino Colt Frenchmans Fabulous Big Red Angel Sour Mash Dash
72 Wart Speed 3/18/2013 Bay Gelding Fdd Dynasty Bikini Wiggle (TB) Salt Lake
77 Eos Firewater 3/8/2014 Sorrel Gelding Wave Carver Blazin Fire This Snow Is Royal
81 Shelby Power 3/10/2010 Sorrel Mare Streakin Siete Blushing Power Blushing Bug
91 Magnifico 2/2/2016 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Bp Mariahs Jp Mr Jess Perry
94 Brimmies Wagon 2/12/2013 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Brimmies Alli Bi B Brimmerton
99 Super Sporting Dash 3/1/2011 Gray Gelding First Down Dash Bs Super Sport Dashin Is Easy
111 Effectiveimmediately 1/30/2007 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds TAC IT LIKE A MAN 2/29/2016
116 Gone By 1/6/2012 Sorrel Mare Hawkinson By Gone Treasured Cartel Success 2/8/2016
119 Penelope Cruzin 2/24/2004 Bay Mare Okey Dokey Dale Cairina Duck Dance (TB) Wagon Tales 2/11/2016
131 Corona Kash 3/22/2008 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Cash For Kas First Down Dash ONE DASHING EAGLE 3/16/2016
139 Herculean Task 2/11/2014 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Charm Dance First Down Dash
141 Twilight Corona 1/7/2010 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Check Her Twice First Down Dash ONE DASHING EAGLE 2/25/2016
151 Pantheon 2/21/2015 Bay Filly First Down Dash Chicks One Look Chicks Beduino
161 Lady Darlin 1/7/2016 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Corona Darlin Corona Cartel
166 Jess Charming 1/15/2004 Bay Mare Mr Jess Perry Corona Perfection Corona Cartel Favorite Cartel 4/9/2016
178 Park N Crash 3/14/2014 Sorrel Mare Royalty On Watch Crash Thru Traffic Dash Thru Traffic
189 Teller Follies 4/5/2009 Bay Mare Teller Cartel Dashin Follies Strawfly Special Mr Jess Perry 5/9/2016
197 Wishful Thinking 1/23/2012 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Deedashing First Down Dash
208 Receivables 2/18/2011 Bay Mare Carters Cartel Dividends Declared First Down Dash Jess Being Valiant 3/30/2016
211 Docs Not Waiting 5/24/2014 Bay Gelding Walk Thru Fire Docs Dynasty 123 Fdd Dynasty
217 Awholelotofattitude 2/13/2006 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Dreams For Lyndsie Takin On The Cash FDD Dynasty 4/7/2016
226 Unnamed 1/25/2016 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Effectiveimmediately Corona Cartel
232 Cartel Executive 2/2/2013 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Executive Looks Executive Menace
237 Good Candy Reason 1/28/2013 Sorrel Gelding Good Reason Sa Eye On This Candy Mr Eye Opener
239 Eyema Candy Cartel 3/6/2014 Bay Filly Cartels Candy Man Eyema Candy Tree Oak Tree Special
240 Cartels Royal Candy 1/11/2014 Gray Filly Cartels Candy Man Eyema Royal Candy Royal Quick Dash
243 Eyesa Good One 2/18/2012 Bay Mare First Down Dash Eyesa Jumpn Eyesa Special
250 Days Gone Down 2/26/2012 Bay Gelding Shazoom Fantastic Six Mr Eye Opener
254 Chasin Mojo 3/17/2012 Brown Gelding Spit Curl Jess Fast Prize Corona Corona Cartel
257 Fast Down Doll 4/20/2014 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Fast Prize Doll Mr Jess Perry
261 Valliant Prizes 3/2/2012 Brown Mare Valiant Hero Fast Prize Tracy Shazoom One Handsome Man 3/5/2016
263 Flashin Speed 2/22/2013 Sorrel Filly First Moonflash Fastasaspeedn Bullet Bully Bullion
266 Foal In Utero 1/1/2003 Bay Mare Favorite Cartel Feature Jess Rockin Feature Mr Jess Favorite Cartel 3/16/2016
272 First James 2/7/2014 Bay Filly Ivory James First Appeal First Down Dash
276 My First Corona 1/30/2003 Bay Mare Corona Cartel First Down Energy First Down Dash Royalty On Watch 2/21/2016
278 Miss Energy P 3/6/2016 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon First Down Energy First Down Dash
282 Coronado Country 2/25/2016 Sorrel Filly Coronado Cartel First Prize Chic Country Chicks Man
291 Five Bar Classy 2/1/1997 Chestnut Mare Dash Ta Fame Five Bar Ebony Streakin Dash
296 Valiant Dreams V 2/12/2014 Bay Filly Valiant Hero FM Future Dreams Feature Mr Jess
299 Eagle Del Rey 3/14/2014 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle Folly Del Rey Pyc Paint Your Wagon
300 Dash Master Samson 2/8/2016 Gray Colt Dash Master Jess Fols Zookie Cookie Fols Gold
301 Corona Fantasy 2/29/2008 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Fontanas Fantasy Lazbuddie FEATURE MR BOJANGLES 3/30/2016
309 Arctic Winter 3/19/2007 Chestnut Mare Storm Boot Froze It’s Freezing CARTERS CARTEL 2/3/2016
317 Wortherweightingold 4/12/2005 Bay Mare First Down Dash Gold Daze Tolltac Fast Prize Jordan 3/12/2016
318 Daze Like This 1/5/2006 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Gold Daze Tolltac Apollitical Jess 4/22/2016
319 Pushing Dazies 2/13/2008 Bay Mare Strawflyin Buds Gold Daze Tolltac 5/13/2016
324 Finnick 2/19/2013 Sorrel Gelding Fire and Corona Hawks Dancing Straw Hawkinson
325 Shezaboldheart 4/23/2005 Sorrel Mare Heza Bold Man Heart Sparks Ronas Ryon Big Daddy Cartel 2/1/2016
329 Hiclass Excitement 4/5/2007 Brown Mare This Snow Is Royal Hiclass Girl Zevi Tempting Dash 4/8/2016
334 My Dear Lassie 3/7/2007 Chestnut Mare Holland Ease Holliewood Hopes Mr Eye Opener CORONADO CARTEL 3/14/2016
340 Candy Candy Lady 4/26/2016 Sorrel Filly Dash Master Jess I Am A Candy Lady Pyc Paint Your Wagon
341 Unnamed 1/1/2016 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Icy Hollywood (TB) Gone Hollywood
342 Crown Julz 2/13/2016 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
343 Infamous Fireworks 3/4/2015 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
347 Tac Me Home 2/21/2009 Bay Mare Tac It Like A Man Im Tailored Too Strawfly Special Wagon Tales 2/29/2016
350 One Delightful Eagle 2/20/2013 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle In A Small Package Okey Dokey Dale
356 Contessa 2/10/2013 Bay Filly Fdd Dynasty Jakes Jockmo Sixarun
359 Foal In Utero Fdd Dynasty Jesiacountrychick Country Chicks Man Fdd Dynasty 3/3/2016
378 A Dashing Reason 2/26/2013 Bay Mare Good Reason Sa Jo N Jessie Mr Jess Perry Separate Interest 4/30/2016
379 Jody Pops Zoomer 3/5/2010 Bay Gelding Zoomin For Bux Jody Pops Little Sis Jody O Toole
389 Jump Jive An Score B 3/6/2014 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Jump Jive An Wail Holland Ease
391 Madison Rae 3/26/2009 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Jumping Tac Flash Tolltac High Rate Of Return 3/11/2016
410 Unnamed 1/1/2016 Bay Filly Fdd Dynasty Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry
411 Foal In Utero 1/1/2006 Sorrel Mare Valiant Hero Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry VALIANT HERO 3/26/2016
419 Lavazza 4/9/2013 Sorrel Gelding Mr Jess Perry Las Alamitos First Down Dash
425 Our Secret Legacy 2/27/2016 Gray Filly Hez Our Secret Legacys A Streakin Streakin La Jolla
429 Yield To Libby 1/31/2010 Bay Mare Azoom Libbys Cartel Corona Cartel Royalty On Watch 4/25/2016
445 Strike A Rose 1/18/2006 Sorrel Mare Strawfly Special Long Stemmed Roses First Down Dash
446 Reason For Roses 1/25/2013 Brown Mare Good Reason Sa Long Stemmed Roses First Down Dash
455 Unnamed 1/1/2016 Gray Colt One Sweet Jess Love To Finish First Separatist
460 Confidential Run 4/5/2008 Brown Mare Check Him Out Make A Run Calyx 4/27/2016
464 Winning Merlot 3/3/2012 Sorrel Mare Winners Version Marilyn Merlot Dash Ta Fame
471 Bhb Mighty 1/24/2007 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Mighty B Doll On A High First Moonflash 5/16/2016
472 Aclassymoove 2/2/1998 Gray Mare Chicks Beduino Mis Starting Gate First Down Dash Foose 2/1/2016
478 Jesiacountrychick 4/30/2008 Sorrel Mare Country Chicks Man Miss Jess Rogue Mr Jess Perry Fdd Dynasty 3/3/2016
481 More Lethal 1/17/2010 Bay Mare First Down Dash Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino Separatist 4/29/2016
484 O Toole 3/20/2010 Bay Mare Valiant Hero Miss O Toole Special Effort CORONA CARTEL 2/11/2016
493 Teller Love 2/28/2011 Brown Mare Teller Cartel Mla Do You Love Me On The Dash Five Bar Cartel 4/2/2016
498 Saweet 1/31/2011 Sorrel Mare Pappasito Mongoose Effort First Down Dash LOUISIANA SENATOR 3/30/2016
499 Dramatic Exit 4/16/2014 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Moon Arisen *Beduino (TB)
501 Teller Im Bigtime 2/11/2007 Sorrel Stallion Teller Cartel Ms Dashin Bigtime First Down Dash
513 Dashing Red Lady 4/23/2013 Sorrel Filly Jesse James Jr My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
514 Foal In Utero Mare One Famous Eagle My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash One Famous Eagle 3/7/2016
515 Watch For Corona 1/25/2011 Sorrel Mare Royalty On Watch My First Corona Corona Cartel
516 Secretive Jess 4/7/2011 Sorrel Mare No Secrets Here My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry
517 Foal In Utero 4/2/2001 Blue Roan Mare Wagon Tales My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry Wagon Tales 4/3/2016
518 Jess Paint Me Quick 2/21/2016 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry
519 Jessies Moonrise 2/19/2016 Bay Filly First Moonflash My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry
525 Foal In Utero Mare One Famous Eagle Natalie Dash First Down Dash One Famous Eagle 3/14/2016
529 Newport Lady 1/6/2000 Bay Mare Chicks Beduino Newport Fancy Calyx 2/3/2016
533 Jess Spit Gold 3/29/2012 Brown Gelding Spit Curl Jess No More Gold (TB) Gold Ruler (TB)
535 Requested Fire 2/22/2013 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire No Tools Required Jody O Toole
539 Red Face Girl 3/31/2010 Gray Mare Valiant Hero None As Easy Dashin Is Easy Wave Carver 2/5/2016
551 Paint Your Eagle 2/5/2014 Bay Gelding One Dashing Eagle Paint Your Beau Pyc Paint Your Wagon
552 Paint Your Moon 2/2/2016 Bay Filly First Moonflash Paint Your Face Corona Cartel
554 Double Down Deuce 2/4/2013 Bay Gelding Mr Jess Perry Pamper Me Special Special Effort
563 First Penelope 4/4/2016 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Penelope Cruzin Okey Dokey Dale
574 Anna Delovely 4/7/2011 Sorrel Mare Furyofthewind Pritzi Too Pritzi Dash Dominyun 4/2/2016
576 Safari Moonlight 1/23/2014 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Protea The Signature
577 Susara 2/22/2012 Sorrel Filly Red Storm Cat Protea The Signature
578 Riata Special 3/4/2009 Brown Mare Famous Lane Proud To Be Proudest Proudest Effort
586 Unnamed 4/14/2016 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Queens Strawfly Strawfly Special
604 My Turn To Zoom 4/28/2005 Bay Mare Shazoom Rebecca Reb Reb’s Policy CARTEL SUCCESS 2/26/2016
606 Unnamed 1/13/2016 Gray Colt Wave Carver Red Face Girl Valiant Hero
608 Summer Kat 3/15/2013 Bay Filly Dmnv Mountable Regally Rare Rare Form
614 Miss Sadie Thompson 3/29/2013 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Rieda Hay Worth Corona Cartel
620 Roll On Candy Cat 2/28/2013 Sorrel Gelding Red Storm Cat Roll On Candy Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon
625 Unnamed 1/31/2016 Sorrel Colt Mighty B Valiant Royalista El Rey Burner
626 Stel Corona/ Royally Sandra 1/1/2016 Bay Colt Stel Corona Royally Sandra Royal Quick Dash
627 Gotskills Topaybills 2/12/2014 Bay Gelding Pyc Paint Your Wagon Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
630 Devilwitha Bluedress 2/13/2013 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Run The Dash Sixarun
631 Dash Around Blues 1/22/2012 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Run The Dash Sixarun
641 Feature Miss Perry 2/17/2009 Gray Mare Feature Mr Jess Rustys Quickid Royal Quick Dash Royalty On Watch 2/21/2016
645 Salty Candy Cat 3/27/2012 Bay Filly Red Storm Cat Salt Lake Spitty (TB) Salt Lake
646 Matty James 4/4/2013 Sorrel Mare Jesse James Jr Sandy June Bug Blushing Bug Volcom 2/3/2016
651 Unnamed 3/14/2016 Bay Colt One Dashing Eagle Sassy N Flashy Country Side
652 Unnamed 3/1/2016 Bay Colt Tempting Dash Sassy N Flashy First Moonflash
656 Savonas Beauty 4/18/2005 Black Mare Texas Hero Savona Raise the Gamble CRM LIVE WIRE 4/9/2016
660 Fg Fire Boy 4/2/2011 Sorrel Gelding Walk Thru Fire Secret Baby Doll Raise A Secret
663 Goodreasonforcandy 1/23/2013 Bay Gelding Good Reason Sa Send Me Candy Paint Pyc Paint Your Wagon
667 Moon On Fire V 2/15/2014 Sorrel Gelding First Moonflash Sera Fina Corona Cartel
668 Yours Till Dawn 1/2/2005 Bay Mare Special Leader Sexy Sequel Dash For Cash Jesse James Jr 2/1/2016
669 SFR Ticklemyivories 3/2/2015 Bay Colt Ivory James SFR Fire N Brimstone Walk Thru Fire
674 Im Shaky 4/2/2011 Sorrel Mare Embrujo Fg Shaky Kate Special Shake
675 Jk Mighty Sister 3/16/2014 Sorrel Filly Mighty B Valiant Shaky Sister Embrujo Fg
676 Make U Smile 2/6/2014 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Shalish Shazoom
682 Quarter Mile Miracle 2/4/2013 Bay Filly First Down Dash She A Miracle Dean Miracle
685 Desperate Daisy 2/16/2013 Bay Filly Carters Cartel She Travels Fishers Dash
687 Jess Shell Out 4/16/2014 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Shell Eye Your Cash Mr Eye Opener
688 Shes All Corona 2/16/2012 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Shes Takes All This Snow Is Royal
707 Sheza Tempting 10 2/6/2014 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Silver Tongued Chick Chicks Beduino
715 Anitalamasbonita 2/5/2014 Bay Filly Ivory James Sixes Fisher Fishers Dash
719 Ice On Fire V 4/15/2013 Gray Colt Corona Cartel Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
720 Sixy Corona V 4/27/2015 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
724 Kazoomin 3/2/2014 Bay Gelding Azoom Smiles All Around Feature Mr Jess
727 Nucky 2/2/2013 Bay Gelding Dominyun Southern Brook Southern Cartel
746 Foal In Utero Mare Stel Corona Stardust Dash Dash For Cash Stel Corona 4/21/2016
751 Oak Hill Streak 1/20/2012 Sorrel Filly Heza Fast Dash Streakin Amber Streakin La Jolla
756 Won Freakin Streak 2/17/2013 Bay Mare Ketel Won Streakin Freakin Streakin La Jolla
757 Streakin Regard 3/13/2012 Bay Gelding Chicks Regard Streakin La Tac Streakin La Jolla
758 Streakin Wagon 3/3/2013 Brown Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Streakin La Tac Streakin La Jolla
761 Cherry Jubalee 2/6/2009 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Streakin Snowlady Mr Jess Perry PYC PAINT YOUR WAGON 3/8/2016
764 Foal In Utero Mare Good Reason SA Summertime Quickie Royal Quick Dash Good Reason SA 2/8/2016
765 Soul Kissed 2/20/2014 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Sweet As Cash Dash For Cash
768 Dubdeuce 2/10/2016 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Sweet Feature Girl Feature Mr Jess
774 Unnamed 2/16/2016 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Tac Me Home Tac It Like A Man
775 Exorcist 2/23/2014 Gray Gelding Separatist Takeoff Royally First Down Dash
777 Richer Than Sin 1/27/2016 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
779 Mickey The Wire 3/12/2014 Gray Gelding Fire And Corona Tee Tyme Chicks A Blazin
784 Flash Gordon 3/10/2016 Sorrel Colt First Moonflash Teller Follies Teller Cartel
785 Tell Your Senator 1/28/2016 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Teller N Telleragain Corona Cartel
788 Flyer First Class 4/6/2013 Brown Filly Corona Cartel Tender Flyer Strawfly Special
792 Jens First Dash 3/1/2011 Brown Mare First Down Dash Thanks Jens Strawfly Special
794 Ur My Princess 2/2/2014 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Thatsa Blazin Chick Chicks A Blazin
795 Trinity Force 1/23/2014 Sorrel Gelding Walk Thru Fire Thatsa Blazin Chick Chicks A Blazin
799 Give Me Sum Sugar 3/21/2013 Sorrel Filly Good Reason Sa The Goodbye Kisser First Down Dash
802 Notorious Pink 2/5/2016 Sorrel Filly Dash Master Jess Things That Fly Strawflyin Buds
803 Candy Cartels Okay 4/6/2015 Sorrel Colt Cartels Candy Man This Candys Okay Okey Dokey Dale
804 Jess A Candy Gal 3/19/2007 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry This Candy Special Strawfly Special CORONADO CARTEL 2/19/2016
809 Hero Of My Dreams 3/12/2014 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Three Dee Dreams Heza Fast Man
812 One Sly One 5/9/2012 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Three Green Leaves Tres Seis
817 Royalty On Watch 1/23/2003 Sorrel Stallion First Down Dash Time For A Goddess Timeto Thinkrich
820 Genovese 2/1/2013 Sorrel Gelding Mr Jess Perry Tiny First Effort First Down Dash
823 A Tiny Bit More 3/5/1999 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Tinys Rose Bud Tiny’s Gay 5/25/2016
825 Eos Watch Me Nae Nae 3/1/2014 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess To Legacy With Love Corona Cartel
839 Foal In Utero Mare Jess Louisiana Blue Triffle Teller Cartel Jess Louisiana Blue 4/27/2016
843 Chicks Fly 4/10/2009 Gray Mare Chicks Regard Two Sick To Fly Strawfly Special
850 Unnamed 1/31/2016 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Uzoom Corona Azoom
854 Docs Dynasty 123 2/23/2009 Bay Mare Fdd Dynasty Very Striking Striking Bunny MIGHTY B VALIANT 3/18/2016
860 Unseen Angel 3/15/2009 Brown Mare Ivory James Vision Of Dash Dash For Cash One Valiant Hero 5/21/2016
861 La Foxia 5/8/2014 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
865 Corona Darlin 1/26/2003 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Wallstreet Darlin Bully Bullion First Moonflash 4/7/2016
871 VH One Dancin Queen 3/22/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero West Crest Dance Easily Smashed
872 Unnamed 3/17/2016 Sorrel Filly Mighty B Valiant Whos My Momma Strawflyin Buds
878 Unnamed 2/13/2016 Brown Colt Feature Mr Bojangles Wortherweightingold First Down Dash
894 Cartel Follies 1/23/2016 Sorrel Filly Coronado Cartel Zoomin Follies Shazoom

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