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Heritage Place Yearling Sale - September 22-24, 2016 - Oklahoma City, OK

Information Coming Soon..

Hip Sort Descending Sort Ascending Name Sort Descending Sort Ascending DOB Sort Descending Sort Ascending Color Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sex Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam's Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending
3 One Way Outta Here 3/21/2015 Bay Colt One Dashing Eagle Kiss N Teller Teller Cartel
4 Krash Master 1/14/2015 Brown Colt Krash Cartel Makin It Stormy Make It Anywhere
5 Think Likaman 2/4/2015 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Blazen Maven Blazen Bryan
17 Bravado 2/20/2015 Brown Colt Captain Courage Shining First Love First Down Dash
20 Heart Break Wagon 1/23/2015 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Runaway Quick Kid Ocean Runaway
22 Thundering Moonflash 1/17/2015 Bay Gelding First Moonflash A Secretary Country Side (TB)
24 A Secret Dawn 3/10/2015 Sorrel Filly No Secrets Here Yours Till Dawn Special Leader
26 Odees Girl 4/3/2015 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Ms Dashin Bigtime First Down Dash
27 Valiant Looks 2/23/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Executive Looks Executive Menace
28 Spiritofthemountain 3/27/2015 Chestnut Filly Feature Mr Bojangles High Kickin Gal Strawfly Special
30 Streaks Of Ivory 3/9/2015 Brown Filly Ivory James Streakin Rare Fredricksburg
39 Recking Ball 1/21/2015 Gray Filly One Dashing Eagle Shrug Separatist
43 Featured Follies 2/21/2015 Brown Filly Feature Mr Bojangles Teller Follies Teller Cartel
49 Carters Fortune 1/12/2015 Bay Colt Carters Cartel In A Small Package Okey Dokey Dale
50 Sixy Carter 3/11/2015 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Sixy Straw Strawfly Special
58 Walters Cartel 3/29/2015 Bay Colt Corona Cartel First Lady Amber Heza Fast Man
64 Lips On Fire V 3/1/2015 Bay Colt Jess Lips Regal Fly Strawfly Speical
69 Rusty Rose II 4/9/2015 Gray Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Beduinos Rusty Chicks Beduino
81 Dashing Sashay 3/24/2015 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Sashay Hot Walk Thru Fire
96 Krash Conan 1/25/2015 Brown Colt Krash Cartel Klassy Sassy Country Chicks Man
99 DF Freighttrain Song 3/30/2015 Brown Filly Freighttrain B Saratoga Song First Down Dash
100 Dashing To The Hague 3/27/2015 Bay Colt One Dashing Eagle Going To The Hague Holland Ease
101 Jess Adalida 1/14/2015 Sorrel Filly Jess Louisiana Blue Wortherweightingold First Down Dash
105 Queen Wagon 3/4/2015 Gray Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Specialscountrychick Country Chicks Man
107 Corona Charm 2/12/2015 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Catalina Fantasy First Down Dash
113 Honeys Pop A Tac 3/18/2015 Sorrel Colt Tac It Like A Man Gols Honey Money Pop Gol
114 Hero Dasher 3/9/2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Daze Like This Corona Cartel
115 Braxton Cartel 4/20/2015 Gray Colt The Louisiana Cartel Bug Lover Blushing Bug
116 The Mane Feature 3/24/2015 Chestnut Filly Feature Mr Bojangles My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
128 Lethal Pyc 3/20/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
137 High Valley Girl 2/12/2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
138 Dominator Sr 1/21/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon SR Venus Delight Strawfly Special
146 Tellem Easy 2/28/2015 Brown Colt Teller Cartel Overeasy Annie Holland Ease
155 Wagons Queen 2/5/2015 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Queen Of Anywhere Make It Anywhere
160 One Sweet Jess/ Delightful Dynasty 3/3/2015 Bay Filly One Sweet Jess Delightful Dynasty FDD Dynasty
162 Mighty Men Of Valor 1/4/2015 Gray Colt No Secrets Here Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
163 My Valiant Lady 2/4/2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Rustys Lil Lady Fredricksburg
172 A Fantastic Runaway 3/18/2015 Sorrel Filly Fantastic Corona Jr A Runaway Jess Ocean Runaway
173 Bodacious Peach 3/5/2015 Brown Filly Bodacious Dash Ima Teller Peach Teller Cartel
174 The Valiant One 1/31/2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Jessa Leaving You Mr Jess Perry
178 Gracietime 2/15/2015 Bay Filly Azoom Miss Stocks N Bonds Bully Bullion
186 Looky Lou 2/4/2015 Sorrel Colt Tac It Like A Man Look Whos Running Corona Cartel
194 Rock Solid Kimbo 1/5/2015 Bay Filly Rock Solid Jess Kimbo Cartel Corona Cartel
197 VH One Dancin Queen 3/22/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero West Crest Dance Easily Smashed
198 Velvette On Fire V 4/11/2015 Brown Colt Jess Lips Velvette First Down Dash
211 Y R U Asking Me 3/9/2015 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Cee Cee Otoole Corona Cartel
220 Agent Carter 1/25/2015 Brown Filly Carters Cartel Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
221 Ity Bitty Bling 3/4/2015 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form
223 YM Valiantly 2/22/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Jessica Ravin Mr Jess Perry
231 Unregulated Cash 3/19/2015 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Checkcashingability Check Him Out
234 Ima Fast Wagon 2/28/2015 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Ima Ramblin Girl First Down Dash
239 El Halcon Azul 2/4/2015 Gray Filly Fire And Corona Hawks Dancing Straw Hawkinson
240 Barbie Lips V 3/20/2015 Bay Filly Jess Lips Little Kool Barbie Mr Jess Perry
258 Jessies Fury 4/19/2015 Sorrel Filly Furyofthewind My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry
259 Eagles Tenaya 2/21/2015 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Lady Tenaya Sixarun
260 Painted Dynasty 2/21/2015 Brown Filly FDD Dynasty Tygers Painted Girl Pyc Paint Your Wagon
261 Mighty Be Special 4/8/2015 Bay Colt Mighty B Valiant Sinn Bug Speical Special Task
266 Pop Fury 3/19/2015 Sorrel Colt Furyofthewind Victorys Memory Pop Leaving Memories
268 Estrella De Noche 3/26/2015 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Ja Desert Evening Royal Shake Em
269 Presente 3/12/2015 Sorrel Colt One Sweet Jess Corona Crystal Corona Cartel
270 Bye Bye Mr Bojangles 4/22/2015 Brown Colt Feature Mr Bojangles Bye Bye Jolene Sweet First Down
272 Far Side Of The Moon 4/11/2015 Sorrel Filly Mighty B Valiant Also A High On A High
275 Volcoms Fortune 3/25/2015 Bay Colt Volcom Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
280 Leaving A Corona 1/20/2015 Brown Colt Coronas Leaving You Bjs Dasher Dashs Slinky
284 Apollitical Scared 3/2/2015 Gray Filly Apollitical Jess Scariest White Tie
295 Hes Risen 4/4/2015 Brown Colt Jess Louisiana Blue Mia Corona First Down Dash
298 De Beast Mode 2/6/2015 Bay Colt Mighty B Valiant Paint De Coupe Pyc Paint Your Wagon
299 The Red Rocket 3/1/2015 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire Check N Fetch Check Him Out
312 Volcom/ Iyq Too 4/3/2015 Gray Filly Volcom Iyq Too Runaway Winner
316 Z Captain 2/22/2015 Sorrel Colt Captain Courage Zoobilee Dashin Bye
319 Sansei 1/25/2015 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Coeur D Alene Stoli
335 Boundless Glory 3/20/2015 Bay Colt Mr Jess Perry Endless Delight Royal Quick Dash
341 Eyesa Llano Senator 3/28/2015 Brown Colt Louisiana Senator Eyes A Shazoom Shazoom
342 Valiant Felicity 3/8/2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Wallstreet Darlin Bully Bullion
343 Famous Jubalee 2/24/2015 Sorrel Colt One Famous Eagle Cherry Jubalee First Down Dash
344 One Jess Streakin 2/7/2015 Sorrel Colt One Sweet Jess Miss Kips Streakin Streakin Sixes
347 Karlys Secret Pop 1/23/2015 Brown Colt No Secrets Here Oak Trees Pop Pop Oak Tree Special
350 Bottle Up And Go 1/19/2015 Brown Colt Coronas Leaving You Girls Eye Too Mr Eye Opener
351 RBJ Moonfly 2/25/2015 Sorrel Colt First Moonflash Strawfly Lady Strawfly Special
356 Vella 3/18/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Jakes Jockmo Sixarun
361 Secrets Between Us 3/19/2015 Brown Colt No Secrets Here Tooty Fruity Fish Fishers Dash
365 A Fire Walker 1/15/2015 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire Strawfly Lady Strawfly Special
367 Mean Lips V 1/20/2015 Sorrel Filly Jess Lips Blazin Mean First Moonflash
368 Jess Brim Feni 2/17/2015 Sorrel Colt Fenimores Injun Brim Jess To Go Brimmerton
369 Aqua Girl 1/31/2015 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Aquafina First Down Dash
372 Ceecee Amoree 3/12/2015 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Cee Cee Otoole Corona Cartel
374 Lastofmoneyhoney 3/25/2015 Brown Gelding Agouti CC Money Honey Man In The Money
380 Pure Favorite 3/21/2015 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Lucca No Secrets Here
381 My Little Wagon 2/27/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Little Eye Opener Mr Eye Opener
386 Captain Energy 3/4/2015 Sorrel Colt Captain Courage Favorite Energy Favorite Trick (TB)
390 Might And Right 1/29/2015 Bay Colt Mighty B Valiant Bicoastal Creole Dancer (TB)
392 Stand In The Sun 2/18/2015 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle A Dream To Remember Corona Cartel
393 Senator OE 2/18/2015 Brown Colt Louisiana Senator Overeasy Annie Holland Ease
397 Count Vronsky 4/21/2015 Chestnut Colt One Sweet Jess KGB Agent Anna Eyesa Special
400 Valiant Pearl 1/28/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Corona Pearl Corona Cartel
401 Bodacious Cartel 2/12/2015 Brown Filly Bodacious Dash Lethal Cartel Corona Cartel
403 Illegally Famous 3/19/2015 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
404 Sweet Fisher Joy 2/20/2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Sweet Feature Girl Feature Mr Jess
409 Ride The Tiger 4/17/2015 Brown Colt Mr Jess Perry Ride My Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
410 Silky Lips V 2/14/2015 Brown Filly Jess Lips Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
417 Teller Tom 3/28/2015 Bay Colt Teller Cartel Azoom Babe Azoom
419 Teller Thunder 1/14/2015 Brown Colt Teller Cartel Klassy Sassy Country Chicks Man
Blazen Lips V 4/19/2015 Sorrel Filly Jess Lips Blazen Maven Blazen Bryan
438 Teller Cartel/ Jess A Topper 1/3/2015 Sorrel Filly Teller Cartel Jess A Topper Mr Jess Perry
441 My Little Valiant V 4/1/2015 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Little Kool Barbie Mr Jess Perry
449 Regardstobrimmington 4/8/2015 Sorrel Colt Chicks Regard Brimmarie Brimmerton
450 Valiant Contessa 4/9/2015 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Contessa De Kas Coup De Kas (TB)
451 Cruising Paris 1/1/2015 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel First Prize Paris Mr Jess Perry
456 Bp Eagle Policy 2/2/2015 Brown Filly One Dashing Eagle CC Policy Corona Cartel
459 Cr Sweet Dynasty 1/29/2015 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Lead Or Run Special Leader
465 Mamma Jamma Jamma 4/20/2015 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess Oh Strawfly Go Strawfly Special
467 Senator Shazoom 3/30/2015 Bay Colt Louisiana Senator Eyes A Shazoom Shazoom
468 Tempting Finale 4/9/2015 Sorrel Colt Tempting Dash Uzoom Corona Azoom
471 Dynasty Darlin 1/22/2015 Brown Filly FDD Dynasty Corona Darlin Corona Cartel
473 Everlasting Courage 3/25/2015 Sorrel Filly Captain Courage Dashin Belladona Fishers Dash
481 Walk Thru Fire/ Elite Luxury 3/3/2015 Brown Filly Walk Thru Fire Elite Luxury Corona Cartel
482 Eye Bodacious Dash 3/13/2015 Sorrel Colt Bodacious Dash Plain Eye Catching Mr Eye Opener
486 Feature Corona 2/13/2015 Brown Colt Corona Cartel This Lady Likes Cash Feature Mr Jess
489 Jess On Fire V 3/27/2015 Sorrel Colt Jess Lips Treasured Corona Southern Corona
490 Arrow Of Cupid 2/14/2015 Bay Colt Foose Rita Alto Teller Cartel
494 Valiant Suzy 2/5/2015 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Suzy Cartel Corona Cartel
497 Jacky Martin 21 4/4/2015 Bay Colt FDD Dynasty Fleeting Touch Tres Seis
499 Pipes Little Tac 3/10/2015 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Play The Pipes Mr Jess Perry
512 Bp Mariahs Last Jess 1/23/2015 Sorrel Colt One Sweet Jess Dashing Mariah First Down Dash
522 Martinis At Night 2/6/2015 Brown Filly Teller Cartel Diamondsinmymartini First To Flash
525 Absolutely Brilliant 1/15/2015 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
530 The Awakening 1/21/2015 Brown Colt Mr Jess Perry Salty Broad Salt Lake (TB)
535 Return To Order 2/19/2015 Bay Colt High Rate Of Return Madison Rae Corona Cartel
542 Cortado 1/29/2015 Sorrel Colt Tac It Like A Man Twilight Corona Corona Cartel
548 Captains Secretary 2/27/2015 Bay Filly Captain Courage A Secretary Country Side (TB)
553 Teller Im Lit 2/12/2015 Bay Gelding Teller Cartel Flame Smoked Oak Zan Parr Deck
555 Pyc On Fire V 4/8/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Act Up Strawfly Special
562 DF Nothinglikeivory 3/9/2015 Bay Colt Ivory James Nothinlikelovin First Down Dash
566 Postal 2/4/2015 Sorrel Filly High Rate Of Return Choty Heza Fast Man
570 One Smart FDD 3/30/2015 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Smart Alibi Lady Zevi (TB)
572 Pops Zoomin Fury 2/26/2015 Sorrel Filly Furyofthewind Shazooms Pop Pop Shazoom
578 O Dee 2/23/2015 Sorrel Colt One Dashing Eagle Miranda Fame Dash Ta Fame
579 In Other Words 2/7/2015 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Royally Sandra Royal Quick Dash
581 Eye Am The Eagle 1/28/2015 Bay Colt One Dashing Eagle Imagine If Strawfly Special
593 Prospect To The Top/ First Down Oak 2/10/2015 Sorrel Filly Prospect To The Top First Down Oak First Down Dash
597 Strawberries On Fire 1/16/2015 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Angels Envy Mr Jess Perry
599 Miss Valiant Tee 1/1/2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Miss Game Tee Game Patriot
604 Cairina First Dash 3/1/2015 Brown Filly First Down Dash Corona Cairina Corona Cartel
605 Destiny Corona 2/27/2015 Brown Colt Corona Cartel Dashingfordestiny Mr Jess Perry
606 My Immortal Hero 3/24/2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Immortal Cartel Corona Cartel
611 Coco Couture 4/21/2015 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Corona Couture Corona Cartel
612 Night Fury 3/18/2015 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Sasha Fierce First Down Dash
613 Wave Carver/ Quick Royal Smith 2/17/2015 Gray Colt Wave Carver Quick Royal Smith Royal Quick Dash
615 Magnum Sr 2/5/2015 Brown Colt One Sweet Jess SR Regal Raven A Regal Choice
617 Fantastic Lexi 2/17/2015 Bay Filly Fantastic Corona Jr Tac Me Home Tac It Like A Man
619 Jockstar 2/27/2015 Gray Colt Chicks Beduino Jakes Jockmo Sixarun
620 One Rare Eagle 4/3/2015 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form
621 One Famous Surfer 1/27/2015 Brown Filly One Famous Eagle Little Surfer First Down Dash
622 Seminole Senator 2/11/2015 Bay Colt Louisiana Senator Overeasy Annie Holland Ease
623 Dashin Eagle 1/18/2015 Gray Colt One Dashing Eagle None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
624 On Goin Senator 1/30/2015 Bay Colt Louisiana Senator Blame It On Fame Dash Ta Fame
636 Vergara 1/27/2015 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Shes A Strawfly Strawfly Special
637 Furiosa 3/11/2015 Gray Filly Tempting Dash Rspecial Chick Strawfly Special
642 Pyc Of Parker County 2/5/2015 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Parker County Peach Chicks Beduino
644 The Wicked Cartel 4/7/2015 Brown Colt Carters Cartel Only The Wicked First Down Dash
647 Paint Your Minnie 1/11/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Lil Sweet Minnie Mr Eye Opener
648 Ivory Mystique 4/30/2015 Gray Colt Ivory James America Strikes Back Dash To Chivato
649 Descent 3/25/2015 Brown Colt FDD Dynasty Coronaville Corona Cartel
650 Little Gold Wagon 1/19/2015 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Zahavi Mr Jess Perry
651 Fast Prize Penelope 2/14/2015 Sorrel Filly Fast Prize Jordan Penelope Cruzin Okey Dokey Dale
654 Summerhill Chick 2/26/2015 Gray Filly Carters Cartel Chicks Fly Chicks Regard
655 Sheza Lethal Dash 2/22/2015 Bay Filly Heza Fast Dash Lethal Cash Takin On The Cash
659 Zoom By Jess 2/15/2015 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Mighty Shazoom Shazoom
662 Captain Trex 2/18/2015 Black Colt Captain Courage Serious Intensions First Down Dash
664 Carneros 1/19/2015 Bay Colt Prospect To The Top Cakebread And Thou Valiant Hero
666 Rarely At Home 2/14/2015 Bay Filly Teller Cartel Rarely Home Rare Form
670 This Wagon Can 1/28/2015 Bay Colt Pyc Paint Your Wagon Penelope Cruzin Okey Dokey Dale
672 Racin Blue Jean 3/3/2015 Gray Filly One Handsome Man Lady Jitters Raise A Secret
673 First Down Peach 3/13/2015 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Jesses Peach Mr Jess Perry
679 Candy Secret 2/26/2015 Brown Colt No Secrets Here Jess A Candy Gal Mr Jess Perry
680 Senator Woot 3/28/2015 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Scootan Wootan Zip Cash
684 SC Tornado 1/1/2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
688 Pops Ivory Outlaw 3/3/2015 Brown Colt Ivory James Suspects Victory Pop Ausual Suspect
691 A Flaming Secretary 3/15/2015 Bay Filly Separatist A Secretary Country Side (TB)
703 One Pretty Face 1/12/2015 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Paint Your Face Dashin Follies
706 Coronas Bar 4/9/2015 Brown Colt Corona Cartel Five Bar Molly Dash Ta Fame
707 Dirt In Your Skirt 1/21/2015 Gray Filly Walk Thru Fire Dustys Chick Chicks Beduino
709 Widows Mandate 3/20/2015 Bay Filly Tres Seis Br Regal Gal A Regal Choice
713 Miss Kips Prospect 3/16/2015 Sorrel Filly Prospect To The Top Miss Kips Streakin Streakin Sixes
722 Bp Sweet CC 1/16/2015 Sorrel Filly One Sweet Jess CC Policy Corona Cartel
725 Oh Mo 2/16/2015 Sorrel Colt Jess Lips Teller N Telleragain Corona Cartel
726 Louisiana Touchdown 4/18/2015 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Pure Style Kitty Pure Style
730 Wagon Chick V 2/7/2015 Bay Filly Pyc Paint Your Wagon Me Chickie Major Rime
737 Krashin Cash 2/26/2015 Sorrel Colt Krash Cartel Hot As Diamonds Hot As Hell
739 Huckleberry Martini 3/10/2015 Bay Filly Tres Seis Coeur D Alene Stoli
744 Sue May I 1/13/2015 Bay Filly Prospect To The Top Believers Gathering Agouti
746 Jessanotherbeatin 4/27/2015 Sorrel Colt Jess Louisiana Blue Andthebeatgoeson Leaving Memories
752 Valiant Mojo 1/24/2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Azoom Babe Azoom
755 Paint That Chic 2/13/2015 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon First Prize Chic Country Chicks Man
756 Captain Trick 4/10/2015 Sorrel Colt Captain Courage Trickie Lassie Takin On The Cash
759 Bad Neighbor 2/13/2015 Brown Gelding Country Chicks Man The Kooch First N Kool
769 Volcom/ Show Me The Wire 2/5/2015 Sorrel Filly Volcom Show Me The Wire Special Effort
775 Dirty Lil Secrets 2/18/2015 Bay Filly No Secrets Here Sm Witchy Woman Count Corona
776 All About That Smile 4/9/2015 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Make Us Proud Holland Ease
781 Jess Zoomin Senator 2/7/2015 Brown Filly Louisiana Senator Jz Annie Jess Zoomin
786 Feature Dreams V 2/4/2015 Sorrel Filly Jess Lips FM Future Dreams Feature Mr Jess
793 Jim Meee 3/6/2015 Bay Colt Valiant Hero Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry
796 Jess Acting Up V 4/23/2015 Bay Filly Jess Lips Act Up Strawfly Special
801 One Dashing Eagle/ Uncovered Streaker 3/29/2015 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Uncovered Streaker Streakin Six
802 One Look 2/24/2015 Brown Filly One Dashing Eagle Executive Looks Executive Menace
806 Diamondsonmyrolex 4/14/2015 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Rolex Time First Down Dash
807 Rum Running Ode 3/9/2015 Sorrel Colt One Dashing Eagle Ole Auntie Em Dash Ta Fame
808 A Classy Looker 2/27/2015 Brown Filly Foose Aclassymoove Chicks Beduino
813 Flite Of Fantasy 4/16/2015 Red Roan Filly One Dashing Eagle Catalina Fantasy First Down Dash
816 Sister Carver 2/27/2015 Sorrel Filly Wave Carver Jessa Leaving You Mr Jess Perry
820 Lady Tac It 2/9/2015 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Newport Lady Chicks Beduino
824 Jess A Boy 4/14/2015 Gray Colt Mr Jess Perry Aquafina First Down Dash
831 Teller Cartel/ Quick Cartel 2/23/2015 Bay Filly Teller Cartel Quick Cartel Southern Cartel
834 Heza Cartel Flash 1/20/2015 Sorrel Colt First Moonflash Cartel Beth Corona Cartel

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