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Heritage Place Fall Mixed Sale November 3-4, 2017

Information Coming Soon.

Hip Sort Descending Sort Ascending Name Sort Descending Sort Ascending DOB Sort Descending Sort Ascending Color Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sex Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam's Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending
1 Lethal Toll 1-28-2016 Filly Bay FDD Dynasty Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino
7 Heart Of Valor 4-11-2016 Filly Sorrel Heart Of The Cartel Belle Of Valor Valiant Hero
9 First Lady Corona 1-15-2016 Filly Brown Corona Cartel First Lady Amber Heza Fast Man
13 Hearts And Heros 4-23-2016 Filly Bay Valiant Hero Icy Valentine Mr Jess Perry
17 Torts Cartel 2-04-2016 Colt Bay Corona Cartel Queen Of Torts Mr Jess Perry
18 Jodys Political Pop 4-25-2016 Filly Bay Apollitical Jess Jodys Special Pop Jody O Toole
26 Jessstreakinforcash 2-19-2016 Filly Bay Apollitical Jess Streakin Cash Corona Corona Cartel
38 Sashay On Fire 3-08-2016 Filly Sorrel One Dashing Eagle Sashay Hot Walk Thru Fire
48 Skilz 4-07-2016 Colt Sorrel Valiant Hero Ole Auntie Em Dash Ta Fame
51 Denali Sparkle 2-24-2016 Filly Brown PYC Paint Your Wagon Denali Glitter Officer (TB)
56 Focus On Me 123 1-20-2016 Colt Brown Louisiana Senator Focus On Speed Separatist
59 Zoomin Thru Air 1-19-2016 Filly Sorrel Dashair Zoomin Episode Jess Zoomin
72 Apollitical Corona 1-25-2016 Filly Sorrel Apollitical Jess Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
74 Consigliere 1-15-2016 Colt Sorrel One Famous Eagle Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
75 Hearts On The Money 2-23-2016 Colt Bay Heart Of The Cartel Red Torres On The Money Red
77 Miss Senator Annie 2-10-2016 Filly Brown Louisiana Senator Overeasy Annie Holland Ease
78 Denali Moonbeam 1-30-2016 Colt Bay PYC Paint Your Wagon First Dashing Chick First Down Dash
83 Lukes Disco 4-02-2016 Colt Bay Coronado Cartel Check This Disco Check Him Out
100 Denali Snowflake 3-07-2016 Filly Brown Louisiana Senator One Famous Folly One Famous Eagle
102 Denali Destiny 2-02-2016 Filly Sorrel FDD Dynasty Bp Shes All Corona Corona Cartel
107 La Proud Queen 3-04-2016 Filly Sorrel Prospect To The Top Katella Queen Raise A Secret
111 Savin Bojangles 3-10-2016 Colt Bay Feature Mr Bojangles Savin Grace Pappasito
112 Miss Racy Corona 3-15-2016 Filly Brown Corona Cartel Miss Racy First Down First Down Dash
115 Dc Radio Flyer 2-18-2016 Colt Brown PYC Paint Your Wagon Ms Dashin Bigtime First Down Dash
119 Nautical C 1-15-2016 Colt Bay PYC Paint Your Wagon Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
125 Lil Bit Blaze 4-22-2016 Filly Sorrel Bigtime Favorite Lil Bit Dutch Holland Ease
130 Valiant Jubalee 2-05-2016 Colt Sorrel Mighty B Valiant Cherry Jubalee First Down Dash
132 Denali Bald Eagle 1-07-2016 Colt Sorrel One Dashing Eagle First Dashing Chick First Down Dash
133 Elite Dynasty 4-03-2016 Filly Bay FDD Dynasty Teller Yep Rare Form
135 One Valiant Tort 2-05-2016 Colt Sorrel Valiant Hero Queen Of Torts Mr Jess Perry
149 Jesses Dynasty 1-29-2016 Colt Brown FDD Dynasty Jesses Peach Mr Jess Perry
158 Smokin Hot Pants 2-19-2013 Mare Sorrel Pappasito A Lil Known Fact Special Task
163 Royal Candy Cat 1-11-2013 Mare Gray Red Storm Cat Eyema Royal Candy Royal Quick Dash
165 Cantwaitforacorona 4-10-2014 Filly Brown Fantastic Corona Jr Cant Hardly Wait Holland Ease
167 Ar Celina Corona 2-02-2008 Mare Sorrel Corona Cartel Strawberry Dash First Down Dash
173 Jessa Music Player 4-24-2014 Filly Sorrel Mr Jess Perry Keep Themusicplaying First Down Dash
182 Jmf Shazoomer 2-24-2012 Gelding Sorrel Shazoom Jess Bingo Beth Mr Jess Perry
211 Pollitical Brim 1-27-2015 Filly Gray Apollitical Jess Brimful Brimmerton
217 Ma Crosby 1-23-2015 Filly Brown Valiant Hero Delightning Jess Feature Mr Jess
221 18 Recip Candy Coated Paint 1-01-2005 Mare Brown
222 Desert Passage 3-21-2007 Mare Brown Separatist Babe On The Fly Strawfly Special
225 One Famous Rose 3-06-2015 Filly Sorrel One Famous Eagle Tiny Dash Of Cash Dash For Cash
227 Eagle Delight 2-14-2015 Filly Sorrel One Famous Eagle Buckshot Delight First Down Dash
242 Seagate Sound 4-03-2015 Colt Sorrel Mr Jess Perry Mahlanka Special Effort
246 Famous Duke 3-10-2014 Gelding Bay One Famous Eagle Sassy Corona Corona Cartel
248 Ms Valiant Perry 3-27-2013 Mare Sorrel Valiant Hero Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
270 Im Brendas Chick 3-21-2012 Mare Brown Chicks Beduino Jr Im Brendas Baby Merridoc
281 No One Hotter 1-20-2014 Filly Sorrel Tac It Like A Man Bicoastal Creole Dancer (TB)
285 Dashin Eagle 1-18-2015 Gelding Gray One Dashing Eagle None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
297 Not A Tres Of Fear 2-19-2015 Gelding Sorrel Tres Seis Dasha Freda Mr Jess Perry
298 Salty Ocean 4-29-2013 Gelding Gray Ocean Runaway Salty And Steady Salt Lake (TB)
301 La Dominica 3-30-2003 Mare Brown Walk Thru Fire Jeryls Choice Chicks Beduino
308 Royal N Wicked 1-15-2011 Mare Brown Separatist Wicked Winner Runaway Winner
311 Shrug 3-31-2005 Mare Gray Separatist Oh La Proud Shirley's Champion (TB)
330 Fly Miss Corona 3-09-2006 Mare Bay Corona Cartel Flying Nanny Strawfly Special
331 Kates Carter 1-13-2014 Gelding Brown Carters Cartel Pretty Girl Kate Pretty Boy Perry
350 Lorde 2-14-2015 Filly Bay First Moonflash Quickkey (TB) Devon Lane (TB)
355 One Sweet Rhythm 1-30-2015 Filly Sorrel One Sweet Jess Alamitos Rhythm Red Hot Rhythm
361 Jess Shaky 4-09-2011 Gelding Sorrel Jess Louisiana Blue Shaky Girl Embrujo Fg
372 Its A Blackjack 2-07-2015 Colt Brown Jet Black Patriot Alluring Streak Streakin La Jolla
373 Medea 2-22-2009 Mare Brown Corona Cartel Sky Chicks Chicks Beduino
374 Iv Cash And Prizes 1-23-2014 Gelding Bay Oak Tree Special Rock The Mall Corona Cartel
376 SM Rosies Hero 3-29-2013 Mare Gray Valiant Hero Eyesa Country Miss Mr Eye Opener
377 Dolcetta 1-19-2015 Filly Sorrel Dominyun Babe On The Rocks Stoli
380 Driving Miss Josie 2-14-2013 Mare Brown Ivory James Katiebug Driver My Designated Driver
384 Easy Dashair 2-04-2015 Colt Sorrel Dashair None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
387 Hes Valiant 1-31-2015 Gelding Sorrel Valiant Hero Bp Shes Southern Southern Cartel
392 Jk Doc Carter 2-06-2015 Filly Brown Carters Cartel Docs Dynasty 123 FDD Dynasty
393 My Secret Call 4-04-2015 Filly Gray Hez Our Secret Call My Dream Calligrapher
409 Dance With Jessie 3-10-2014 Filly Bay Corona Cartel Jess A Little Smart Mr Jess Perry
415 Advantajess 2-15-2015 Colt Sorrel Mr Jess Perry Shenoshercorona Corona Cartel
417 Mc Fireandbrimstone 1-24-2014 Colt Sorrel Walk Thru Fire Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
418 Tree On Fire V 3-05-2014 Gelding Brown Oak Tree Special Chicks A Flying Chicks Beduino
420 Thorium 3-04-2015 Gelding Bay Captain Courage Blaze The Mall Heza Fast Man
428 Bodacious Reba 2-15-2013 Mare Brown Bodacious Dash Little Rebas Corona Corona Cartel
430 Riata Special 3-04-2009 Mare Brown Famous Lane Proud To Be Proudest Proudest Effort
432 Jess A Lil Wicked 1-18-2011 Mare Sorrel Mr Jess Perry Wicked Royal Cartel Corona Cartel
436 One Dashing Eagle / The Fashion Wagon 2-12-2017 Colt Sorrel One Dashing Eagle The Fashion Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
442 Fiery Moon 4-17-2011 Mare Sorrel Walk Thru Fire Moonlight Corona Corona Cartel
453 Jm Famous Eagle 2-22-2014 Gelding Sorrel One Famous Eagle Like This Chick Chicks Beduino
454 Corriente Uno 1-02-2009 Mare Sorrel Corona Cartel Dashing Uno Dashin Is Easy
463 Checkcashingability 1-22-2006 Mare Brown Check Him Out Strength Of Heart Heza Fast Man
467 Believers Timeline 1-17-2014 Gelding Gray Tac It Like A Man Believers Gathering Agouti
475 Jk Eagle Express 4-11-2014 Filly Sorrel One Dashing Eagle Shaky Girl Embrujo Fg
478 Marys Eagle 3-24-2014 Filly Sorrel One Famous Eagle The Fashion Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
493 Call Me Queen Bee 3-10-2014 Filly Bay Carters Cartel Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form
499 Iv Little Swift Girl 1-27-2014 Filly Brown Spit Curl Jess Fly By The Mall Strawfly Special
506 Shes Got Fuel 2-26-2012 Mare Brown Jess Louisiana Blue Katiebug Driver My Designated Driver
507 Jesse June Bug 1-20-2015 Filly Sorrel Jesse James Jr Sandy June Bug Blushing Bug
511 Favorite Pearl 2-18-2015 Filly Gray Favorite Cartel Super Perla Negra Super Duper Couper
523 Jess Dessert 4-14-2014 Gelding Bay Ivory James Jess Katiebug Blue Jess Louisiana Blue
528 Stilldontneednobody 3-12-2013 Gelding Brown Jess Louisiana Blue Katiebug Driver My Designated Driver
536 Good Knight 2-17-2015 Gelding Sorrel Bigtime Favorite Rock The Mall Corona Cartel
538 Feature Dreams V 2-04-2015 Filly Sorrel Jess Lips FM Future Dreams Feature Mr Jess
543 Corona Fireworks 3-22-2015 Gelding Bay Stel Corona Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
555 Ima Fast Wagon 2-28-2015 Filly Brown PYC Paint Your Wagon Ima Ramblin Girl First Down Dash
562 The Fashion Wagon 5-03-2008 Mare Bay PYC Paint Your Wagon Fashionisanattitude Streakin La Jolla
564 Hez A Secret Dream 3-09-2015 Gelding Gray Hez Our Secret Call My Dream Calligrapher
565 Dynastyinthemaking 2-23-2015 Filly Bay FDD Dynasty Petriflying Feature Mr Jess

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