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0 Revenant Moon 2-21-2019 Brown Filly A Revenant Sochi Moon FDD Dynasty
0 JP General 3-15-2020 Bay Gelding A Revenant First Prize Shaunda PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 War Revenant 3-21-2020 Brown Gelding A Revenant Fantsy Pants Splash Bac
0 Double Duty 2-03-2019 Chestnut Filly A Revenant Brickyard Lane Devon Lane (TB)
0 Playing With Blood 3-21-2021 Brown Filly Apollitical Blood Play The Pipes Mr Jess Perry
0 Blood And Politics 3-27-2019 Brown Filly Apollitical Blood Edies Painted Lady PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 Cross Tie 3-24-2021 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Lady Nayen Check Him Out
0 Halley 3-21-2018 Bay Mare Apollitical Jess Ms Southern Dynasty FDD Dynasty
0 Jess Margarita 3-30-2020 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess Coronation Time Corona Cartel
0 Rip Wheeler 3-07-2019 Sorrel Gelding Big Daddy Cartel Ms Riptide Ocean Runaway
0 Jess Izzy 4-08-2019 Gray Filly Big Daddy Cartel Jess Adoration Mr Jess Perry
0 Cash N Starz 5-07-2021 Sorrel Colt Chicks Dig Cash Sallys Star Dust Chics Luv Money
0 Laydee Corona 2-24-2021 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel A Political Lady Apollitical Jess
0 Built On The Cartel 5-23-2021 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Built For Fun Separatist
0 Built For Cartel 5-25-2021 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Built For Fun Separatist
0 Corona In The Veins 5-29-2021 Gray Colt Corona Cartel Built For Fun Separatist
0 Candy For Corona 4-07-2021 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Send Me Good Candy Good Reason Sa
0 One Famous Miss 2-06-2018 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Getting Even One Famous Eagle
0 Czechmate 1-13-2017 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel For Your First Lady First Down Dash
0 Coronas Green Leaves 2-06-2021 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Df Aj Green Leaves Apollitical Jess
0 The Stars Of Corona 2-24-2019 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Cluster of Stars (TB) GreeleyÕs Galaxy (TB)
0 BV Yesterdays Wine 2-18-2019 Brown Gelding Coronado Cartel Bv Ms James Ivory James
0 Ietoro Coronado 2-25-2020 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel Lucky Call Me Jess Louisiana Blue
0 El Rubio Corona 3-06-2019 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Lucky Call Me Jess Louisiana Blue
0 Botas Blancas 2-14-2021 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel Lucky Call Me Jess Louisiana Blue
0 Unnamed 3-22-2021 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel JB Whatajet Jet Black Patriot
0 Jado Dashin 2-12-2003 Bay Mare Dashin Is Easy Miss Streakin Dash Streakin Dash
0 Jettin Jetta 3-09-2020 Bay Filly Ec Jet One Pyc Dollars PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 Pink Leona 3-06-2020 Sorrel Filly Eye Am King Maggies Miracle Lx Dean Miracle
0 Blondie Prize 1-06-2021 Sorrel Colt Fast Prize Cartel La Dulce Vita One Sweet Jess
0 Queen K 3-04-2016 Sorrel Mare Fast Prize Cartel Artesias First Dash First Down Dash
0 Proven Favorite 3-11-2021 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Believe Me Irene Valiant Hero
0 Dynasty Edition 4-03-2011 Brown Mare FDD Dynasty Annual Edition First Place Dash
0 This Candy Is Grand 4-01-2021 Bay Colt FDD Going Grand Send Your Candy PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 Feature My Victory 3-06-2005 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess A Dash for Victory Victory Dash
0 Hez Our Secret 1-23-2009 Gray Stallion First Down Dash Secret Separation Separatist
0 This Dash Is Flying 3-29-2008 Sorrel Mare Fishers Dash This Dreams Flying Strawfly Special
0 Jess Go 123 2-27-2021 Sorrel Filly Flying Cowboy 123 Jess Brimmin To Go Brimmerton
0 Summerhill Express 3-12-2021 Sorrel Filly Freighttrain B One Famous Hawkeye One Famous Eagle
0 R Diva 2-09-2011 Brown Mare Furyofthewind Special Smoothie This Snow Is Royal
0 Oelectra 4-26-2003 Chestnut Mare Gulch (TB) Odey's Appeal (TB) Valid Appeal (TB)
0 Put A Candy Bow Onit 3-22-2021 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Illegal Feature Feature Mr Jess
0 Jess A Spittin Candy 4-28-2021 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Salt Lake Spitty Salt Lake (TB)
0 Haulin The Candy 3-13-2021 Bay Filly Jess Good Candy Haulin Candy Salt PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 Jess Savin Candy 4-16-2019 Bay Gelding Jess Good Candy Savin Grace Pappasito
0 Social Distancing 1-31-2020 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Believers Gathering Agouti
0 Executive Cash 3-13-2021 Gray Filly KVN Corona Bk Roxyamovin Maknmoves
0 Foot Stepps 1-30-2021 Gray Colt KVN Corona Famous Little Reba One Famous Eagle
0 Sum Special Gumbo 1-01-2021 Gray Filly KVN Corona Louisana Corona Jess Louisiana Blue
0 Y We Do It 1-14-2020 Gray Colt KVN Corona Budder Think Twice First Down Dash
0 Mad About Politics 2-24-2021 Bay Filly Mr Apollitical Dash Eye On PYC PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 DD Lad 4-13-2020 Brown Colt Mr Jess Perry Miss Southern DD FDD Dynasty
0 Midori Sparkle 4-26-2014 Chestnut Mare Mr Jess Perry Flying Fig Corona Cartel
0 Sally Soul Smasher 5-05-2020 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Thewayouwantmetoo Mr Eye Opener
0 Believe In Perry 1-30-2021 Black Colt Mr Jess Perry Believe Me Irene Valiant Hero
0 Jess Another Ticket 4-21-2004 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry A Speeding Ticket The Signature
0 Trumpster 3-21-2017 Bay Stallion One Dashing Eagle AB What A Runner Royal Quick Dash
0 Hemmingway 3-05-2021 Bay Colt One Fabulous Eagle Miss Sadie Thompson Walk Thru Fire
0 A Fabulous Candy 2-21-2021 Bay Filly One Fabulous Eagle Jess Send Me Candy PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 One Famous Pack 1-13-2021 Brown Colt One Famous Eagle Back In The Pack Corona For Me
0 One Famous Song 3-27-2018 Sorrel Mare One Famous Eagle My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
0 One Famous Jazz 2-22-2020 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle Teller Baja Teller Cartel
0 One Famous Boogie 3-06-2020 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Boogie Special Strawfly Special
0 Imaqtpie 4-18-2014 Sorrel Mare One Famous Eagle Sizzling Corona Cartel
0 Sweet Wild Time 2-02-2017 Sorrel Mare One Sweet Jess Royal Wild Time Royal Shake Em
0 Paint Your Legacy 2-17-2019 Bay Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Miss Inseprable Separatist
0 Capshaw Heze 4-10-2020 Gray Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Capshaw Royal Belles Royal Quick Dash
0 Unnamed 1-17-2021 Gray Filly Separatist Peppys Gray Doll Peppys Triple D Bar
0 Centercurlincash 3-29-2011 Brown Mare Spit Curl Jess Centers Takin Cash Takin On The Cash
0 Takin The Marfa Cash 1-13-2021 Sorrel Colt The Marfa Lights Takinonthecash Girl Takin On The Cash
0 WGSLightwilliegirlup 4-30-2021 Sorrel Filly The Marfa Lights Jado Dashin Dashin Is Easy
0 WGS She Williesquall 3-25-2021 Bay Filly The Marfa Lights JMD First Creek Rita Okey Dokey Dale
0 Unnamed 3-30-2021 Bay Filly Tres Seis Last Shall Be First Strawfly Special
0 Tres Seis Says Bye 3-31-2020 Brown Gelding Tres Seis This Candy Says Bye PYC Paint Your Wagon
0 Foal In Utero 1-01-2006 Mare Uncle D Fernweh Favorite Cartel
0 A Financial Hero 4-09-2019 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Financial Leverage Mr Jess Perry
0 Unnamed 3-07-2021 Black Colt Valiant Hero Special Lil Darling Mr Jess Perry
0 Frisky Gambler 3-25-2021 Bay Gelding Wagon Tales Bp Friscos Dynasty FDD Dynasty
0 Jess Fire Me 2-03-2019 Brown Colt Walk Thru Fire Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
0 Hot Looker 3-09-2013 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Look Her Over Check Him Out

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