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6 Mighty Women 4-01-2019 Sorrel Filly Mighty Corona Most Women Will Dashin Bye
16 Jingle And Go 2-06-2019 Brown Filly Jess Good Candy Mia Corona First Down Dash
19 Lord Kensington 4-20-2019 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Mavara Vegas FDD Dynasty
20 Jessies Clean Slate 4-12-2019 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Theslatesclean Corona Cocktail
22 Unnamed 4-06-2019 Brown Filly Louisiana Senator Sea Island Dancer Mr Jess Perry
30 Essential Jess 2-25-2019 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Dare You To Beat Me Tres Seis
33 Retelling Again 2-18-2019 Sorrel Filly Duponte The Retelling Special Leader
46 Ms Famous Racy 3-07-2019 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle First Down Racy First Down Dash
48 Royal Six Dash 4-21-2019 Gray Filly Big Daddy Cartel Royal Rare Sixes Sixes Royal
50 By A Block 4-01-2019 Bay Colt Jess Good Candy Jump Down First First Down Dash
51 Tempted No More 1-11-2019 Brown Colt Tempting Dash Preslee The First Corona Cartel
53 Apollitical Is Chic 4-01-2019 Black Filly Apollitical Blood Shesa Stylish Chic Check Him Out
57 Kate Couture 1-29-2019 Bay Filly Tres Seis Corona Couture Corona Cartel
58 Steviebfamouseagle 3-28-2019 Chestnut Gelding Stevie B First Cash Seis Famous Eagle One Famous Eagle
62 B Ratify 2-21-2019 Black Gelding Freighttrain B Shesa First Ratify First Down Dash
68 Time Heist 3-02-2019 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Gemma Teller Cartel
76 Foose Royale 2-01-2019 Bay Colt Foose Royaltime Separatist Separatist
78 Best On Earth 2-21-2019 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Shanas Fast Prize Mr Jess Perry
80 El Llantero 1-16-2019 Bay Colt Volcom Quick Cartel Southern Cartel
83 Valiant Jessie 3-29-2019 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero BP First Cartel Corona Cartel
96 SC Girlcrush 3-09-2019 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
97 Rhodes to Riches 4-05-2019 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Run By You Apollitical Jess
120 Famous Hermana 5-04-2019 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Famous Little Reba One Famous Eagle
122 Debbie Ocean 1-31-2019 Brown Filly One Fabulous Eagle Enthrall PYC Paint Your Wagon
123 Good Reason for Cash 2-26-2019 Brown Colt Good Reason Sa Shyann Cash Takin On The Cash
135 String A Game 1-03-2019 Sorrel Filly Dealagame String Bikini FDD Dynasty
141 Blue Crystal 4-29-2019 Gray Filly Moonin The Eagle Sassy Corona Corona Cartel
160 Oxford Senator 2-24-2019 Brown Colt Louisiana Senator Teller Im Scootan Teller Cartel
161 Effective Secret 3-27-2019 Brown Filly Hez Our Secret Effectiveimmediately Corona Cartel
167 Ladys Like Corona 3-07-2019 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel My Famous Lady One Famous Eagle
174 Tres Seis Special 1-20-2019 Bay Colt Tres Seis Special Copauino Strawfly Special
180 Apolitical Gangster 4-20-2019 Bay Colt Apollitical Jess La Fantacia Sone Okey Dokey Fantasy
182 One Famous Ballet 3-15-2019 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Watch Linda Ballet Mr Jess Perry
202 God Luvs Cowboys 2-25-2019 Bay Colt Tres Seis Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
217 Eagles Envy 3-29-2019 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle Our Girl Magic (TB) Belong To Me (TB)
218 Tempting Dreamgirl 5-10-2019 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
230 Unnamed 1-23-2019 Gray Colt Right Rigger Tipsy Tea Seeking The Cat (TB)
247 Bye Bye Eagle 3-04-2011 Gray Mare One Famous Eagle Kiss This Bye Bye Strawfly Special
249 Seraphim 3-15-2018 Brown Gelding A Royal Jess The Black Ghost Genuine Strawfly
251 Jess Packn Heat 3-10-2018 Brown Gelding Jess Good Candy Back In The Pack Corona For Me
255 Twilight Corona 1-07-2010 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Check Her Twice First Down Dash
262 Captivating Cara 2-25-2012 Bay Mare Captain Courage Sheleavu Witha Smile Apollo (TB)
263 Tinys Good Girl 4-03-2018 Bay Filly Jess Good Candy Too Tiny To Quit Corona Cartel
277 Private Oak 2-16-2006 Brown Mare Oak Tree Special Private Venture First Down Dash
285 Lady Rizzi 5-29-2003 Bay Mare Rizzi What'salltheruckas Bold Ruckus
288 Lethal Assault 3-12-2018 Brown Gelding Volcom Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry
289 Apollitical Dawn 1-20-2018 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess First Place Queen First Place Dash
302 Penelope Cruzin 2-24-2004 Bay Mare Okey Dokey Dale Cairina Duck Dance (TB)
304 Foal In Utero The Marfa Lights Suzy Cartel Corona Cartel
310 Senator Cash 3-22-2016 Bay Gelding Louisiana Senator Ms Carter Cash Carters Cartel
314 Coronado Red 2-12-2018 Sorrel Filly Coronado Cartel Red Envelope First Down Dash
316 Shes All Corona 2-16-2012 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Shes Takes All This Snow Is Royal
331 Lethal Valena 2-25-2018 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry
333 PR Twentyone 31 3-25-2016 Brown Mare One Dashing Eagle Mischievous Player Corona Cartel
338 Suzy Cartel 3-14-2000 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Promise Me Suz Truxton Fair (TB)
345 Moonflash Numbers 3-12-2016 Sorrel Colt First Moonflash Strength In Numbers Strawfly Special
353 Ima Gator Fan 3-11-2009 Bay Mare City Place Ima Special Rose Strawfly Special
365 This Lady Likes Cash 1-29-2005 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess Corona Cash First Down Dash
380 Daenerys Targaryen 3-27-2018 Sorrel Filly Zulu Dragon Forced To Win Major Rime
398 Six Blue Moons 3-16-2018 Bay Filly One Fabulous Eagle Sashay N Six Sixarun
403 Seb Ember 2-05-2017 Bay Filly Walk Thru Fire Wisestar (TB) Henny Hughes (TB)
406 Quarento Tres 3-13-2019 Bay Colt Tres Seis Special Copauino Strawfly Special
413 Sandor Clegane 5-08-2018 Bay Colt Walk Thru Fire Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
419 Shez Dominating 2-03-2017 Sorrel Filly Dominyun Shescheckinumout Check Him Out
421 Royal Rare Sixes 1-06-2012 Gray Mare Sixes Royal Rare Baby Doll Sixes Royal
423 Executive Temptation 1-04-2018 Bay Filly Tempting Dash Executive Looks Executive Menace
428 Miss Racy Reagan 3-27-2018 Gray Filly Tres Seis Miss Racy Eyes Stel Corona
429 Roxxie 1-29-2018 Brown Filly Corona Surfer Mooneon First Moonflash
430 Totally Free 1-17-2017 Sorrel Filly Coronado Cartel Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
436 Vukovar (TB) 4-03-2009 Chestnut Mare Forest Wildcat (TB) Nyanza (TB) Montbrook (TB)
450 Vf Politically Red 3-07-2018 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Blood Red Temptress Rolls Of Romance
454 Jess Challie 4-11-2018 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry BP First Cartel Corona Cartel
458 Providenz 2-07-2018 Sorrel Gelding Dominyun First To Celebrate First Down Dash
460 Snapincat 5-01-2015 Brown Gelding Furrtreeous Power Takeoff Minnie Take Off Jess
470 Jessita 2-26-2012 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Ill Getcha Good Dean Miracle
474 Royal Mesa Moon 2-21-2016 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Mesa Moonlight FDD Dynasty
476 Mojito Your Wagon 1-05-2018 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
491 Soul Kisser 1-19-2017 Sorrel Colt Kiss My Hocks Cartel Rosie Carters Cartel
492 Kerrupt Flip 2-18-2018 Brown Gelding Corona Surfer Tricks On The Side Favorite Trick (TB)
497 Play Your Card 1-23-2006 Gray Mare Separatist Docs First Card First Down Dash
500 Regal Kash 3-02-2017 Gray Filly A Regal Choice Ms Carter Cash Carters Cartel
504 Eagle Joy 1-21-2018 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Senator Joy Louisiana Senator
508 Valiant Curl Girl 2-11-2015 Brown Mare Valiant Hero Eye A Spit Curl Girl Spit Curl Jess
510 Coastal Reflections 3-04-2009 Gray Mare Wave Carver Keep On Shining Keep On Turning
513 Dolls Regal Choice 5-09-2006 Sorrel Mare A Regal Choice Dolls Prodigy Ronas Ryon
519 Feature My Victory 3-06-2005 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess A Dash for Victory Victory Dash
543 Dash For Turf 3-09-2012 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Maddies Special Turf Strawfly Special
545 Aubrey Blue 4-01-2018 Gray Filly Send A Candy Guy Sweet Violets Stoli
550 Pulpit Rock 3-27-2017 Black Gelding Favorite Cartel Last Shall Be First Strawfly Special
563 Izzy B Gone 2-18-2018 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Hawk Kue Pie Hawkinson
564 Corona Couture 1-21-2004 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel A Tiny Bit More Strawfly Special
622 Ima Dash Of Magic 2-05-2016 Brown Mare Dashair Istint Magic Istintaj (TB)
628 Berry Pretty Hero 3-03-2018 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess

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