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Heritage Place Fall Mixed Sale - November 1-2, 2019


Hip Sort Descending Sort Ascending Name Sort Descending Sort Ascending DOB Sort Descending Sort Ascending Color Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sex Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam's Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending
655 Turnin Cowgirl 2-02-2000 Palomino Mare Mel's Impression Turnin Around Peppy San Badger
644 Cats Paw Bay 4-19-2009 Bay Mare Brookstone Bay Bidders Bluff Six Aces
642 Simply Different 4-29-2012 Brown Mare Tres Seis Defining Difference Feature Mr Jess
640 Get Away Car 2-29-2016 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
637 Lady Telia 2-26-2003 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Telia Turner Special Effort
630 Educated Runner 3-24-2014 Brown Gelding Valiant Hero First Prize Leesa Mr Jess Perry
627 Secret Sister 3-31-2016 Gray Filly First Down Dash Secret Separation Separatist
616 A Ruby Corona 2-26-2017 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Lovely Corona Chick Walk Thru Fire
600 Miss Zoomin Lady 3-16-2015 Sorrel Mare Apollitical Jess K D Zoom Shazoom
591 Signed By A Kiss 3-31-2017 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks Signs Zoomer Shazoom
583 Valiant Sister 3-27-2013 Chestnut Mare Valiant Hero Bhb Mighty Mr Jess Perry
565 Stashen Cash 2-19-2006 Bay Mare Tres Seis Old Love Of Mine Dash For Cash
559 Pats Dynasty 2-02-2017 Gray Filly FDD Dynasty None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
552 Cupids Fast Arrow 2-14-2017 Sorrel Gelding Valiant Hero Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
550 Famous She Is 1-25-2012 Bay Mare One Famous Eagle Sippin Corona Corona Cartel
513 Apollitical Fame 3-05-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Blood Miranda Fame Dash Ta Fame
512 Castell Senator 4-13-2017 Sorrel Colt Louisiana Senator Eyes A Shazoom Shazoom
507 Jc Rags To Riches 4-05-2016 Brown Filly Ivory James Hemi Sweet Stoli
501 Perfecto 3-21-2007 Brown Mare Check Him Out Beat Your Pants Off Six Fols
490 Call Me Cole 2-03-2015 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Little Surfer First Down Dash
485 Sixy Straw 3-25-2003 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Sixy Bottom Streakin Six
481 Bushwacker Dash 2-17-2016 Sorrel Gelding First Down Dash St Pats Tea Mr Jess Perry
473 Mighty Shazoom 2-05-2006 Sorrel Mare Shazoom Mighty Obscession Runaway Winner
460 Dat A Boy Laddie 2-06-2017 Sorrel Gelding Jess Lips Check Out This Queen Check Him Out
447 Haggard 4-10-2016 Sorrel Colt Tempting Dash Louisiana Cadillac Jess Louisiana Blue
434 Mississippi Queen 2-09-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Louisana Corona Jess Louisiana Blue
430 Bits Of Ivory 3-12-2012 Bay Mare Ivory James Lil Bit Leader Special Leader
425 Dm Shannel 1-15-2009 Gray Mare Separatist Dm Maybe Royal Shake Em
422 Seis Famous Eagle 3-15-2014 Bay Mare One Famous Eagle Three Times The Toll Tres Seis
412 Bobby Elvis 2-28-2015 Sorrel Gelding Valiant Hero Tates Creek Feature Mr Jess
406 Nancys Eye Opener 2-16-2010 Gray Mare Mr Eye Opener Nancys True Love Rare Form
397 Swingin Secret Miss 1-31-2017 Brown Filly Hez Our Secret Swingin Miss Jess Mr Jess Perry
383 Hit Or Miss Kiss 1-17-2017 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks One Famous Ermana Mr Jess Perry
379 Pontotoc Senator 2-07-2017 Bay Filly Louisiana Senator Zoomin Llano Jess Zoomin
364 Genuine Moments 3-13-2012 Bay Mare Genuine Strawfly Mist Moments Brookstone Bay
362 First Class Lacy B 3-15-2008 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Tiny First Effort First Down Dash
360 Billions B 1-27-2015 Sorrel Mare FDD Dynasty First Class Lacy B Mr Jess Perry
346 Ladys Corona Lite 2-19-2005 Brown Mare Coronas Prospect Chicks In Lights Chicks Beduino
344 Ms Tnt 2-26-2008 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Honor And Cherish First Down Dash
331 Peighnt Your Fate 2-11-2015 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Fate Cant Weight Mr Jess Perry
318 Ms Pay Thirty 5-10-1999 Gray Mare Pay Forty Four Ms Gray Fork Four Mr Gray Fork
315 Racy Cowgirl 1-17-2017 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Miss Racy Jess Mr Jess Perry
313 JC Peterbuilt 3-21-2018 Brown Colt Painted Turnpike Treasured Gol Gol
283 Crazy Eunice 3-06-2017 Brown Filly Coronado Cartel Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form
281 Ity Bitty Rarity 3-11-1999 Brown Mare Rare Form Sheeza Lil Val Dashing Val
277 Midnight Dot Com 4-20-2017 Brown Colt Volcom Miss Corona Midnight Midnight Corona
268 Cp Walnut Ridge 3-22-2012 Bay Mare So Long Birdie (TB) D E Cash Value (TB) Favorite Trick (TB)
262 Favorite Hero 2-17-2017 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Cheyenne Hero Valiant Hero
257 Paint Your Fire 2-10-2018 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
242 Eye For Chrissy 3-20-2018 Sorrel Filly Bullseye Bullion Cristys First Cd Dash Ta Fame
199 Kundalini 3-14-2018 Brown Filly Tee Cos Miranda Fame Dash Ta Fame
197 Charmed Heart 1-29-2018 Sorrel Gelding Corona Cartel Charm Dance First Down Dash
186 Apolliticalfastprize 4-11-2018 Bay Colt Apollitical Jess Ms Fast First Prize Dmnv Mountable
185 Sevens Traveler 2-15-2018 Gray Colt Send A Candy Guy Shakem Cash Royal Shake Em
177 Tempted Hero 2-22-2018 Sorrel Colt Tempting Dash Cheyenne Hero Valiant Hero
171 Dash Ur Wagon Too 1-26-2018 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
166 Honeycreek Senator 2-21-2018 Brown Filly Louisiana Senator Eyes A Shazoom Shazoom
163 Valiant Stars 1-12-2018 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Cluster of Stars (TB) Greeley’s Galaxy (TB)
162 Unnamed 1-10-2018 Brown Colt One Sweet Jess Girl In The Lane Devon Lane (TB)
160 Phazer 3-23-2018 Brown Colt Corona Surfer Ferarri For My Prize Tac It Like A Man
158 Sir Prize Cartel 4-10-2018 Bay Colt Corona Cartel First Prize Chic Country Chicks Man
155 Julias Diazzle 2-10-2018 Sorrel Filly Foose Effortless Shazoom Shazoom
147 Valient Hawkeye 3-03-2018 Brown Filly Valiant Hero One Famous Hawkeye One Famous Eagle
143 Heza Visual Candy 4-16-2018 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Visual Magic Corona Cartel
136 Tres Diamond 4-13-2018 Bay Filly Tres Seis PYC Diamond PYC Paint Your Wagon
131 Coronado Crown 4-20-2018 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel This Lady Likes Cash Feature Mr Jess
119 Candy From Mia 3-29-2018 Brown Filly Jess Good Candy Mia Corona First Down Dash
102 Jess Challie 4-11-2018 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry BP First Cartel Corona Cartel
93 Aubrey Blue 4-01-2018 Gray Filly Send A Candy Guy Sweet Violets Stoli
91 Fighting Mad 3-03-2018 Brown Filly Hes Relentless Cowgirl Runaway Ocean Runaway
89 One Beautiful Eagle 4-06-2018 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Beautiful Fire Walk Thru Fire
87 Bailes Y Besos 2-03-2018 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks Jess A Cartel Corona Cartel
85 One Dashing Patriot 2-02-2018 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Follies And Corona Corona Cartel
82 Mr Rite Now 1-21-2018 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Cartel Rosie Carters Cartel
39 Unnamed 3-03-2018 Bay Colt Bigtime Favorite Lightning SR Tres Seis
21 Valiant Ranger 1-12-2018 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Azoom Babe Azoom
20 Lethal Valena 2-25-2018 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry
10 Valiant Temptress 2-26-2018 Brown Filly Tempting Dash Belle Of Valor Valiant Hero

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