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Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale - January 18-20, 2018

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3 Tylers Feature 3-09-2008 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Tylers First Down First Down Dash Carters Cartel 4/13/2017
11 Foal In Utero Corona Cartel What Fire Walk Thru Fire
12 Separatist Follies 4-23-2005 Sorrel Mare Separatist Dashin Follies Strawfly Special
21 RG Special Cuz 2-23-2015 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess RG Special Special Depth
23 Magical Knud Chicks 2-10-2006 Gray Mare Chicks Beduino Magical One Magical Mile (TB) Coronado Cartel 4/6/2017
32 Echos Thru Fire 4-05-2014 Brown Filly Walk Thru Fire I Hear An Echo Separatist
33 Signs First Corona 2-14-2014 Brown Colt Corona Cartel Stylish Sign Vital Sign
41 Bigtime Sign 2-08-2015 Brown Filly Bigtime Favorite Third Painted Sign PYC Paint Your Wagon
43 Apollitical Scout 3-06-2014 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Swingin Cartel Corona Cartel
44 Unnamed 3-24-2017 Brown Filly FDD Dynasty Lady Nayen Check Him Out
52 Beg Stel or Borrow 1-29-2010 Sorrel Mare Stel Corona Big On Charm Sir Alibi High Rate Of Return 2/6/2017
55 Unnamed 3-17-2017 Sorrel Filly The Louisiana Cartel First Down N Sassy First Down Dash
56 Sashay N Six 3-28-2001 Sorrel Mare Sixarun Dashing Diva Victory Dash One Fabulous Eagle 4/19/2017
61 Eos Trumpster 4-20-2015 Gray Gelding The Louisiana Cartel Bug Lover Blushing Bug
64 Mycartelsalady 1-27-2015 Bay Filly Sizzlin Cartel My Louisiana Lady Feature Mr Jess
67 True Valor 2-14-2016 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Suzy Cartel Corona Cartel
69 Valiant Heart 3-19-2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero The Fashion Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
75 Mr Reed Ricks 1-06-2016 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
81 Cartel Beth 4-08-2009 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Blissful Beth Heza Fast Man
92 Quik Dynasty 1-11-2016 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Quik Corona Corona Cartel
94 Dm Shannel 1-15-2009 Gray Mare Separatist Dm Maybe Royal Shake Em
97 One Famous Folly 3-07-2010 Sorrel Mare One Famous Eagle Dashing Folly First Down Dash
98 Star Bright Tonite 2-01-2013 Sorrel Mare Stoli Tinys Special Rose Mr Jess Perry Stel Corona 2/7/2017
107 Corona Beauty 3-10-2014 Brown Filly Corona Cartel Race Valentine Strawfly Special
117 Revv Up Your Wagon 2-24-2015 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Revv It Up First Down Dash
121 Hazel Dazel 1-05-2015 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
123 Carey Corona 2-03-2013 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form Volcom 2/18/2017
124 First Down Fast 2-28-2013 Bay Mare First Down Dash Sizzling Corona Cartel
129 Imagining More 3-10-2017 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Chrome Hussy Corona Cartel
130 Elite Cartel Sr 1-02-2013 Bay Mare TR Dasher Elite Luxury Corona Cartel
139 A Blue Sky 2-16-2015 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty On A Run On A High
147 Teller Win 3-30-2013 Bay Mare Teller Cartel Winning Flair Runaway Winner Fly Jess Fly 5/16/2017
150 Undrafted 1-20-2017 Sorrel Colt Lota Pyc The Pampered Side The Down Side
154 Global Warning 2-27-2014 Bay Gelding Carters Cartel Lady Jitters Raise A Secret
155 One Apollitical 4-19-2013 Sorrel Mare Apollitical Jess Fols Zookie Cookie Fols Gold Hes Relentless 5/24/2017
157 Smokin Hot Pants 2-19-2013 Sorrel Mare Pappasito A Lil Known Fact Special Task
160 Unnamed 2-14-2017 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Bicoastal Creole Dancer (TB)
162 Bourbon Street Girl 2-18-2013 Gray Mare Valiant Hero Bourbonstreetchick Chicks Beduino Coronado Cartel 3/14/2017
169 Lady Nayen 3-24-2008 Brown Mare Check Him Out Beat Your Pants Off Six Fols Corona Cartel 3/14/2017
170 Foal In Utero Apolitical Jess Separatist Follies Separatist
172 Significant Speed 2-09-1997 Chestnut Mare Duel Fuel Dash Master Miss Dash For Destiny
175 Straw Dawg 3-15-2012 Bay Stallion Strawfly Special Rieda Hay Worth Corona Cartel
181 Streakin Helldorado 3-12-2017 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel Sweeties Streakin By Sweet First Down
188 Secrets Doubleshot 2-22-2015 Sorrel Filly Dashin Bye Go On Secret Raise A Secret
190 A Fly In The Alibi 2-09-1999 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Jets Lady Alibi Sir Alibi
194 Boon Dawgle 1-21-2016 Sorrel Colt Winners Version Femme Fe Tell Teller Cartel
195 Bv Tempted 1-24-2017 Bay Colt BV Travelin Soldier Denali Peak Royal Quick Dash
201 Themapplebottomjeans 4-02-2017 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Special Eyepod Mr Eye Opener
206 Her O Doughtys Dough 5-14-2015 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Miss Shivers Feature Mr Jess
215 First Down N Sassy 3-22-2013 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
219 Dashin Brown Eyes 3-22-2005 Gray Mare Mr Eye Opener Perfection In Brown Dashing Cleat Moonin The Eagle 5/10/2017
221 18 Recip Shyann La Jolla Valiant Hero Shyann La Jolla Streaking La Jolla
229 Tempting Dashforcash 4-07-2012 Sorrel Gelding Tempting Dash Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
232 Dreamers Liaison 3-02-2014 Gray Gelding Sixes Liaison Dreamers Cartel Corona Cartel
237 Dont Frette 2-10-2016 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Revv Me Up Stel Corona
238 Ez As 123 3-31-2014 Sorrel Gelding First Down Dash Hot Cash 123 Takin On The Cash
239 A Remarkable Perry 5-07-2012 Brown Stallion Mr Piloto Dashing Little Reba First Down Dash
241 Foal In Utero Volcom Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
242 Unnamed 1-29-2017 Sorrel Colt Jess Lips Uzoom Corona Azoom
259 Unnamed 4-18-2017 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle A Day For Dancing Dance Master (TB)
262 Unnamed 3-15-2017 Brown Filly FDD Dynasty Cold Hearted Cartel Corona Cartel
265 Sweet Violets 3-18-2005 Sorrel Mare Stoli Mikhala Quinn Streakin Six Send A Candy Guy 4/26/2017
267 Widows Mandate 3-20-2015 Bay Filly Tres Seis Br Regal Gal A Regal Choice
268 Vella 3-18-2015 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Jakes Jockmo Sixarun
273 Foal In Utero Walk Thru Fire Whip Curl Carters Cartel
274 Bp Shes Takes Jess 1-21-2015 Sorrel Filly One Sweet Jess Shes Takes All This Snow Is Royal
276 Mischievous Player 2-10-2010 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac One Fabulous Eagle 3/22/2017
277 Chicks A Flying 1-04-1999 Brown Mare Chicks Beduino Sheer Hope The Signature Jess Lips 3/15/2017
286 Unnamed 2-06-2017 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Sassy N Flashy First Moonflash
289 Elite Luxury 2-17-2007 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Blazen Maven Blazen Bryan
291 Teller Im First 4-05-2010 Sorrel Mare Teller Cartel First Down Runner First Down Dash
292 Viva My Hero V 2-23-2016 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
300 Sorelli 2-22-2012 Sorrel Mare Brookstone Bay Cupids Special Fly Strawfly Special
302 Maris Sixaway 2-11-2003 Sorrel Mare Sixarun Go Mari Memories Leaving Memories
303 Times Moving On 3-09-2010 Sorrel Mare Heza Fast Dash Wasting No Time Streakin Six
304 Unnamed 1-06-2017 Brown Filly Coronado Cartel Sassy N Flashy First Moonflash
308 Unnamed 3-06-2017 Brown Filly Tac It Like A Man Budder Than Ever Strawflyin Buds
309 Heart Of A Runner 4-25-2005 Bay Mare Royal Quick Dash Be So Merry Streakin Six Zoomin For Bux 4/23/2017
314 A Ticky Tac Runaway 3-16-2017 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man A Runaway Jess Ocean Runaway
315 Unnamed 3-15-2017 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire First Prize Habit First Prize Perry
317 Bv Elizabeth 1-21-2017 Brown Filly Feature Mr Bojangles Corona Cayenne Corona Cartel
322 The Pampered Side 3-16-2006 Bay Mare The Down Side Pamper Me Special Special Effort The Louisiana Cartel 4/4/2017
325 SBM Soulja Boy 2-12-2017 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel So Elegantly Streakin La Jolla
326 Roman Soldier Cd 4-05-2013 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Famous Phoebe Dash Ta Fame
327 Full Of Air 2-25-2008 Sorrel Mare Dashair Love Ya Miss Jess Mr Jess Perry
331 Bet Your Corona 4-30-2011 Brown Mare Corona Cartel Blissful Beth Heza Fast Man Volcom 2/6/2017
332 Dare You To Beat Me 3-13-2014 Brown Filly Tres Seis Daring Difference Victory Dash Valiant Hero 2/10/2017
334 One More Card 3-05-2012 Brown Mare Carters Cartel Docs First Card First Down Dash Valiant Hero 3/20/2017
335 Unnamed 3-24-2017 Bay Colt Louisiana Senator Saweet Pappasito
346 A Corona Episode 2-03-2005 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel A Special Episode Special Effort Jess Lips 2/20/2017
347 Unnamed 1-31-2017 Bay Filly Tempting Dash Bourbon Street Girl Valiant Hero
348 Aquaries 1-20-2013 Sorrel Colt Splash Bac Runaway Wave Runaway Winner
355 Forged Thru Fire 1-17-2017 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire Separatist Follies Separatist
360 Pepasito 3-30-2013 Gray Gelding Pappasito Firstdown Separatist Separatist
361 Tinys Special Rose 2-22-2005 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Tiny First Effort First Down Dash
364 Foal In Utero One Fabulous Eagle Coco Corona First Down Dash
367 What Fire 4-22-2007 Bay Mare Walk Thru Fire AB What A Runner Royal Quick Dash
370 Valiant Dream 1-15-2015 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
371 Wasted At Midnight 4-22-2014 Bay Filly Corona Cartel First Down Toll First Down Dash
377 Dividends Declared 2-27-2001 Brown Mare First Down Dash Easy Henryetta Easy Jet
381 Sassy N Flashy 2-12-2012 Brown Mare First Moonflash Sass That Chick Chicks A Blazin
382 One Dashing Diva 3-02-2014 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Reloaded And Ready Shazoom
384 Tres Seis Folszookie 5-09-2013 Gray Mare Tres Seis Fols Zookie Cookie Fols Gold Jess Good Candy 2/2/2017
386 One Dashing Episode 1-21-2015 Sorrel Gelding One Dashing Eagle A Corona Episode Corona Cartel
392 Flying Perry 5-09-2015 Brown Filly Mr Jess Perry Flying Fig Corona Cartel
401 Watergirl B 2-25-2014 Sorrel Filly Game Patriot Thats Injunuity Invisible Injun
403 Miss Jess Lips V 2-07-2014 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Loose Lips First Down Dash Valiant Hero 2/10/2017
406 Valiant Flame 1-28-2012 Brown Mare Valiant Hero Race Valentine Strawfly Special One Dashing Eagle 2/10/2017
407 Unnamed 3-18-2017 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Shyann La Jolla Streakin La Jolla
410 Whip Curl 3-22-2011 Brown Mare Carters Cartel Runaway Wave Runaway Winner
412 A Flying Eagle 1-18-2017 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
417 The Reahl Deal 3-11-2014 Brown Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Only The Wicked First Down Dash
419 Unnamed 3-04-2017 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Kd Another Runner Apollitical Jess
423 Dm Maybe 2-29-2000 Gray Mare Royal Shake Em Leading Sensation Special Leader Dominyun 5/1/2017
424 Play Your Card 1-23-2006 Gray Mare Separatist Docs First Card First Down Dash
427 Valiant Mystique 3-06-2014 Gray Filly Mighty B Valiant America Strikes Back Dash To Chivato
428 Apollosattraction 1-27-2007 Sorrel Mare Apollo (TB) Half Time Attraction First Down Dash
435 Ali Cartel 3-22-2001 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Etta Ryon Windy Ryon Moonin The Eagle 5/9/2017
441 Jess Kicked A Gear 4-22-2014 Sorrel Filly One Sweet Jess Quiet Courage Heza Fast Man
442 Unnamed 4-06-2017 Male Valiant Hero Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
443 Benefits Included 2-22-2013 Bay Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Sheza Fast Dasher Heza Fast Dash
444 Unnamed 3-09-2017 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Fearless And First First Down Dash
449 Foal In Utero Apollitical Jess Eye On This Candy Mr Eye Opener
453 Foal In Utero Corona Cartel One Famous Folly One Famous Eagle
455 Foal In Utero PYC Paint Your Wagon Elite Luxury Corona Cartel
471 Cold Hearted Cartel 3-03-2012 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Hold Me Now Separatist FDD Dynasty 4/11/2017
474 SR Venus Delight 1-14-2005 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Artesias Beduino *Beduino (TB) Favorite Cartel 3/25/2017
480 Unnamed 5-10-2017 Sorrel Filly Hes Relentless I Am A Candy Lady PYC Paint Your Wagon
483 Gracietime 2-15-2015 Bay Filly Azoom Miss Stocks N Bonds Bully Bullion
484 Sweet Feature Girl 5-05-2010 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Bye Sweet Girl Dashin Bye
498 Unnamed 2-11-2017 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Lady Nayen Check Him Out
500 Saweet 1-31-2011 Sorrel Mare Pappasito Mongoose Effort First Down Dash Separatist 4/23/2017
505 Spring Bling 2-11-2006 Brown Mare Hawkinson Shirleys Strawfly Strawfly Special
508 Chrome Hussy 1-18-2012 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel This Lady Likes Cash Feature Mr Jess One Dashing Eagle 4/7/2017
514 Foal In Utero Favorite Cartel What Fire Walk Thru Fire
519 Samba Corona Mv 1-27-2015 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Dashin Follies Strawfly Special
526 Blazin Ms Mason 3-05-2010 Bay Mare Chicks A Blazin Ms Perry Mason Mr Jess Perry Big Daddy Cartel 2/15/2017
531 Frosty Trubble Bid 5-05-2017 Palomino Colt Pc Frosty Bid Big Red Angel Sour Mash Dash
533 Dm Flirtin With Fire 1-09-2009 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Sashay N Six Sixarun Hez Our Secret 4/19/2017
536 Winn It 3-30-2017 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Winning Merlot Winners Version
538 BP Southern Policy 2-03-2006 Bay Mare Heza Fast Man Southern Policy Reb's Policy (TB) PYC Paint Your Wagon 3/10/2017
545 Corona Carat 5-02-2011 Bay Mare Carters Cartel Corona Cash First Down Dash Kiss My Hocks 4/15/2017
566 Unnamed 3-30-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Jump Down First First Down Dash
572 Foal In Utero Apollitical Jess Rosey Rules Okey Dokey Dale
573 None As Valiant 2-27-2013 Gray Mare Valiant Hero None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
581 The Sommelier 1-16-2015 Sorrel Gelding Jesse James Jr Fine Wines First Down Dash
584 American Politics 3-14-2015 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess American Dove Toast To Dash
585 Special Stella 4-11-2017 Sorrel Filly Stel Corona Tinys Special Rose Mr Jess Perry
590 Foal In Utero PYC Paint Your Wagon One More Card Carters Cartel
591 Rosas Corona 2-03-2013 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry Valiant Hero 2/24/2017
597 Zip Kode 2-28-2011 Sorrel Mare Bigtime Favorite Fee Lion Panther Mountain
602 Hundred Year Flood 2-08-2017 Gray Filly First Moonflash Aquafina First Down Dash
609 Awholelotofattitude 2-13-2006 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Dreams For Lyndsie Takin On The Cash Zulu Dragon 4/18/2017
624 Cr Crystal Chick 1-23-2016 Brown Filly Separatist Lead Or Run Special Leader
626 Jess Maganette 4-08-2003 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Special Meganette Send A Candy Guy 5/19/2017
627 Apollitical Courage 3-04-2012 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Quiet Courage Heza Fast Man
639 Viva Mexico 4-13-2008 Bay Mare Feature Mr Jess Las Alamitos First Down Dash
643 Foal In Utero Coronado Cartel Uzoom Corona Azoom
647 Jess My PYC 1-24-2015 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Feature Jess Rockin Feature Mr Jess
652 A Dynasty Too 3-28-2017 Brown Colt FDD Dynasty Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry
654 House Of Cards B 2-28-2015 Brown Gelding Divide The Cash Cherished Times Strawfly Special
659 Cuthroat 1-08-2017 Sorrel Colt Feature Mr Bojangles Teller N Telleragain Corona Cartel
662 Welcome Back Carter 1-07-2017 Bay Colt Carters Cartel First Prize Paris Mr Jess Perry
665 Foal In Utero Volcom Suzy Cartel Corona Cartel
669 Bp Shes All Corona 1-31-2011 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Shes Takes All This Snow Is Royal Tres Seis 3/10/2017
670 Unnamed 2-10-2017 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Runawayheart First Down Dash
671 Spitfire Sr 4-17-2013 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Separtesia Separatist Foose 3/10/2017
675 Foal In Utero Apollitical Jess Whip Curl Carters Cartel
676 Foal In Utero Mr Jess Perry Dividends Declared First Down Dash
677 Separtesia 3-15-2003 Sorrel Mare Separatist Artesias Beduino *Beduino (TB) Foose 3/4/2017
678 Eyesa Texan 2-22-2014 Gray Gelding Valiant Hero Eyesa Shaker Eyesa Special
679 Foal In Utero Favorite Cartel What Fire Walk Thru Fire
682 Eye Am A Corona 2-09-2009 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Eye for the Sixes Mr Eye Opener
683 Paint Your Dreamgirl 4-20-2012 Brown Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special Favorite Cartel 3/15/2017
685 White Queen Apolitic 3-31-2015 Gray Filly Apollitical Jess Fols Zookie Cookie Fols Gold
687 Foal In Utero Volcom Checkcashingability Check Him Out
690 Witch Trick 1-30-2007 Bay Mare Favorite Trick (TB) Royal Miss Della Royal Quick Dash One Fabulous Eagle 4/12/2017
693 Krashin Venus 1-25-2015 Sorrel Filly Krash Cartel Miss Stocks N Bonds Bully Bullion
694 Gb Star 4-24-2015 Bay Filly Texas Six Star Trace Treasured
696 Unnamed 4-01-2017 Brown Colt Jet Black Patriot Heart Of A Runner Royal Quick Dash
700 Unnamed 4-12-2017 Bay Colt One Dashing Eagle CC Policy Corona Cartel
708 Unnamed 2-26-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon My Girl Jessie Mr Jess Perry
711 Lil Pystol Patti 3-02-2015 Bay Filly Bigtime Favorite Lil Bit Dutch Holland Ease
713 City Fire 2-05-2015 Sorrel Gelding Corona Cartel Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
716 Sera Fina 1-26-2009 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Strawberry Dash First Down Dash
717 Latest Infomation 1-23-2017 Sorrel Colt Volcom Cartel Beth Corona Cartel
724 Arctic Winner 1-31-2007 Brown Mare First Down Dash Arctic Silk Runaway Winner One Dashing Eagle 3/14/2017
731 Unnamed 1-01-2017 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Beg Stel or Borrow Stel Corona
736 I Am A Candy Lady 2-18-2009 Bay Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Send The Guys Candy Disco Jerry (TB)
741 Timeless Passion 2-10-2003 Bay Mare Strawfly Special Dash For Time Dash For Cash
748 Unnamed 1-19-2017 Sorrel Colt Tac It Like A Man Effectiveimmediately Corona Cartel
749 Feature Jess Rockin 3-26-2005 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Meter Me Rockin Meter Me Gone
753 One Look 2-24-2015 Brown Filly One Dashing Eagle Executive Looks Executive Menace
758 Stir Of Echoes 2-12-2016 Gray Filly Stel Corona I Hear An Echo Separatist
765 Cowgirl Runaway 2-12-2013 Gray Mare Ocean Runaway Corona Cowgirl Chicks Beduino Hes Relentless 4/5/2017
770 Dashingfordestiny 3-20-2007 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Dashing Phoebe Dash For Cash
773 Unnamed 4-02-2017 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel Apollosattraction Apollo (TB)
780 Shaded Secrets 1-22-2011 Brown Mare No Secrets Here Corona For Two Corona Cartel Favorite Cartel 4/5/2017
782 Unnamed 1-14-2017 Brown Filly FDD Dynasty The Fire Fly Sixes Royal
784 Foal In Utero Valiant Hero One Famous Folly One Famous Eagle
797 American Feature 4-14-2010 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special Valiant Hero 3/24/2017
813 Unnamed 1-19-2017 Sorrel Colt Kiss My Hocks Cartel Rosie Carters Cartel
814 Give Me Sum Sugar 3-21-2013 Sorrel Mare Good Reason Sa The Goodbye Kisser First Down Dash
823 The Fire Fly 5-17-2007 Gray Mare Sixes Royal Thatsa Blazin Chick Chicks A Blazin FDD Dynasty 3/25/2017
828 Moonlight Cartel 1-24-2009 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Im Moonlighting Zevi (TB)
829 Special Eyepod 4-02-2005 Gray Mare Mr Eye Opener Beam Me Up Kelly First Down Kelly
832 Unnamed 3-01-2017 Bay Filly Tres Seis Corona Carat Carters Cartel
834 CR Party With Corona 4-13-2013 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Party In Power First Down Dash
835 Winning Graciously 1-15-2017 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Shades Of Blues Girl Corona Cartel
838 Dm Ridin Out 5-06-2016 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Sashay N Six Sixarun
846 A R Fifteen 2-22-2015 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
856 Tates Creek 3-14-2005 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess Hooray Baby Dash For Cash
864 Anonymous 3-09-2016 Brown Filly Walk Thru Fire Whip Curl Carters Cartel
867 Unnamed 2-05-2017 Brown Filly First Down Dash Whip Curl Carters Cartel
870 Df Candys Okay Man 2-25-2015 Brown Gelding Cartels Candy Man My Candys Okay Okey Dokey Dale
871 Fast Prize Ella 1-06-2015 Bay Filly Fast Prize Jordan Royalty Gone Wild (TB)
873 First Prize Habit 4-15-2009 Sorrel Mare First Prize Perry Sheza Habit Apollo (TB) First Moonflash 4/16/2017
875 Shanas Fast Prize 3-27-2014 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Fast Prize Shana Shazoom
880 Unnamed 3-18-2017 Brown Colt FDD Dynasty Whip Curl Carters Cartel
882 This Lady Likes Cash 1-29-2005 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess Corona Cash First Down Dash Coronado Cartel 5/1/2017
886 Arctic Wagon 3-05-2015 Bay Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Arctic Winner First Down Dash
888 Fosse 2-05-2015 Gray Filly Foose Check N Fetch Check Him Out
895 Unnamed 4-13-2017 Brown Colt Mr Jess Perry Send Candy Power PYC Paint Your Wagon
899 Things That Fly 2-02-2008 Bay Mare Strawflyin Buds Dividends Declared First Down Dash Jess Good Candy 3/28/2017
900 Paint Me Southern 2-01-2015 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon BP Southern Policy Heza Fast Man
908 Df Pyc Lizzie Beth 4-02-2015 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Zoomin Lizzie Beth Pappasito
915 The Party Is Hot 2-28-2011 Bay Mare Foose The Partys On Fire Walk Thru Fire

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