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2 Neon Dione 2-26-2020 Sorrel Filly Bodacious Dash Mooneon First Moonflash
15 Cartels Legacy 1-19-2018 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Apollitical Legacy Apollitical Jess
22 Cartels Cluster 1-25-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Cluster of Stars (TB) Greeley’s Galaxy (TB)
42 This Quay Home (TB) 4-15-2011 Bay Mare Circular Quay (TB) Just Right Ashley (TB) Just Right Classi (TB)
50 Famous Red Ruby 3-06-2019 Sorrel Filly Dash Ta Fame Red Torres On The Money Red
54 Apollo Chicks 4-13-2017 Sorrel Filly Jess a Chicks Flashing Apollo Apollo (TB)
65 French N Fab 1-29-2019 Palomino Filly Frenchmans Fabulous Big Red Angel Sour Mash Dash
70 Sparklin Royal 3-02-2009 Gray Mare Sixes Royal Sparkling Ojos Celadon
71 First Flashdance 3-03-2018 Sorrel Filly First Moonflash Lady Perry Too Mr Jess Perry
77 Five Bar Stoli 2-13-2016 Sorrel Gelding Five Bar Cartel Stoli Angel Stoli
80 Fluffer 2-12-2014 Sorrel Mare One Dashing Eagle Ms Dashin Bigtime First Down Dash
83 Ima Ramblin Girl 1-25-2003 Brown Mare First Down Dash Kiptys Kisses Kiptys Charger
86 Foal In Utero 3-08-2008 Mare Kiss My Hocks Whos Kissin Carter Carters Cartel
107 Senator Joy 3-25-2013 Gray Mare Louisiana Senator Jenuine Joy Genuine Strawfly
109 Effectiveimmediately 1-30-2007 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
110 Freedom Flash 3-10-2016 Bay Gelding First Moonflash Mi Camila Southern Halo
111 Ledge Is On Fire 3-21-2020 Gray Colt KVN Corona Sassy On Fire Walk Thru Fire
113 Blest Aussurance 2-02-2018 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Lovethewayyoulie Tempting Dash
122 Jess Like Sue 4-15-2009 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Tac Star Tolltac
123 First Jettin Doc 2-24-2019 Buckskin Colt First Prize Doc Jettin N Struttin
128 Mightys First Call 3-08-2004 Brown Mare Calligrapher Might Be A First First Down Dash
144 Telle Em Corona 2-03-2015 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Tell Em Belle Tres Seis
147 Zahavi 1-30-2010 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Dash Master Miss Dash For Destiny
148 Apollitical Tools 4-07-2018 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess No Tools Required Jody O Toole
180 Jesa Valiant Hero 1-29-2018 Sorrel Gelding Valiant Hero Spoiled Jess Feature Mr Jess
183 California Gurl 3-19-2011 Bay Mare Foose Splashy Mama Splash Bac
188 Six Wagon Circle 3-31-2020 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Sixes Fisher Fishers Dash
189 Miss Caballo Diablo 2-18-2019 Gray Filly Tres Seis Reins Apollitical Jess
191 Eagle Creek Falls 4-24-2018 Sorrel Colt One Famous Eagle First Prize Shaunda PYC Paint Your Wagon
198 Ms Racy Eagle 2-16-2018 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle First Down Racy First Down Dash
204 Game Dealin Lady 4-20-2016 Sorrel Mare Dealagame Lady Lilia First Down Dash
208 Famous Fire Eagle 2-02-2017 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle Beautiful Fire Walk Thru Fire
211 Dupante Shell Out 4-25-2020 Sorrel Colt Duponte Jess Shell Out Mr Jess Perry
219 Red Envelope 1-13-2014 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
237 U R My Queen 1-26-2015 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Thatsa Blazin Chick Chicks A Blazin
242 Combined 1-06-2017 Bay Gelding Kiss My Hocks Bet Your Corona Corona Cartel
257 Avionix 2-26-2017 Sorrel Filly First Moonflash Shenoshercorona Corona Cartel
260 Southern Me Me 2-13-2016 Bay Mare FDD Dynasty Southern Price Corona Cartel
264 Surf For Turf 1-26-2020 Sorrel Filly Corona Surfer Dash For Turf First Down Dash
275 Foal In Utero Female Corona Cartel Wave Her Down First Down Dash
282 Lethal Cartel 2-10-2010 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
289 Kylee Joy 3-24-2017 Bay Filly First Moonflash Quiet Courage Heza Fast Man
293 Fernweh 2-16-2017 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Jess A Lil Bit More Mr Jess Perry
297 Count The Tears (TB) 5-18-2007 Bay Mare Storm Boot (TB) Hot Little Dish (TB) Turkey Shoot (TB)
313 Secret Couture 2-17-2020 Gray Colt Hez Our Secret Corona Couture Corona Cartel
320 Bushwacker Dash 2-17-2016 Sorrel Gelding First Down Dash St Pats Tea Mr Jess Perry
323 Typhoon Moon 4-14-2016 Brown Gelding First Moonflash French Chime Chimes Band (TB)
329 Old Blue Shirt 2-07-2017 Brown Colt One Famous Eagle Back In The Pack Corona For Me
335 Bestest 2-18-2016 Sorrel Mare One Famous Eagle Cluster of Stars (TB) Greeley’s Galaxy (TB)
342 Grace Of Monaco 4-25-2018 Bay Filly Hes Relentless Waitin On Mindy FDD Dynasty
349 Shanas Fast Prize 3-27-2014 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Fast Prize Shana Shazoom
361 Estrella De Noche 3-26-2015 Brown Mare Favorite Cartel Ja Desert Evening Royal Shake Em
366 North of Yuma 2-25-2018 Chestnut Gelding Favorite Cartel Kingman Kin Raise A Secret
370 Jesselene 1-25-2020 Bay Filly Mr Jess Perry Belle Helene Valiant Hero
377 Miss Racy First Down 4-14-2010 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Runaway Vike Runaway Winner
379 Put A Shine On It 2-10-2014 Bay Mare Mighty B Valiant She Travels Fishers Dash
391 Super Moonflash 4-30-2017 Chestnut Filly First Moonflash Flying Humor Distorted Humor (TB)
394 Tricks On The Side 3-06-2011 Brown Mare Favorite Trick (TB) The Sixy Side The Down Side
401 New Moon Dynasty 2-28-2016 Brown Colt FDD Dynasty Nagano Moon Major Rime
405 Sippn Secret Coronas 3-06-2014 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Secret Separation Separatist
409 Your Tan N Rich 1-07-2018 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
418 Famous Torres 3-21-2019 Sorrel Gelding Dash Ta Fame Red Torres On The Money Red
420 Ode To Speed 3-02-2015 Sorrel Mare One Dashing Eagle Significant Speed Duel Fuel
437 Eagle Diva 1-09-2018 Brown Filly One Famous Eagle Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
438 Tan Thin And Rich 1-12-2009 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Corona Music Corona Cartel
454 Miss Racy Runaway 2-28-2014 Sorrel Mare Apollitical Jess Dashin Vike Dashin Bye
459 Believers Gathering 3-05-2006 Gray Mare Agouti None As Easy Dashin Is Easy
477 Carl D 3-20-2018 Brown Gelding Seperate Interest Super Perla Negra Super Duper Couper
489 Up And Coming 3-22-2017 Brown Gelding Kiddy Up Hits Keep Coming Walk Thru Fire
490 The Runaway Favorite 2-17-2016 Sorrel Gelding Favorite Cartel Viva La Blue Ocean Runaway
496 Five Bars Happy 1-12-2019 Sorrel Filly Five Bar Cartel Jm Onfire Walk Thru Fire
497 SC Sass And Swag 4-14-2014 Bay Mare Carters Cartel Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
502 Fashionista Cartel 3-12-2019 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Haute Cartel Corona Cartel
507 Sixes Fisher 2-11-2008 Bay Mare Fishers Dash Simple Wisdom Special Leader
520 PR Twentyone 31 3-25-2016 Brown Mare One Dashing Eagle Mischievous Player Corona Cartel
534 Mi Tee Fine 2-17-2016 Sorrel Mare Bodacious Dash Stuckonafeeling Special Leader
538 Silence So Loud (TB) 5-07-2018 Bay Filly Sway Away (TB) Naughty Nightie (TB) Red Giant (TB)
539 Wandrin Star 4-21-2008 Bay Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Easy Henryetta Easy Jet
542 Hez Couture 2-18-2020 Sorrel Colt Hez Our Secret Corona Couture Corona Cartel
545 Graceful Paradise 3-08-2018 Bay Filly Ocean Runaway Thrill And Grace Mr Jess Perry
547 Unnamed 4-25-2020 Brown Filly First Moonflash Shes Got Fire Corona Cartel
554 Cbreez 3-23-2008 Gray Mare Ocean Runaway Beduinos Rusty Chicks Beduino
555 Fyre Wall 2-02-2016 Sorrel Gelding Walk Thru Fire Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry
574 Johanna 3-09-2017 Sorrel Filly Furrtreeous Kitty D Ville Takin On The Cash
582 Ill Be Legendary 2-03-2018 Gray Gelding Big Daddy Cartel Legendary Eagle One Famous Eagle
583 Miranda Fame 3-04-2001 Chestnut Mare Dash Ta Fame Mitzi Lee Dash Streakin Dash
584 Jess Like That 1-29-2008 Bay Mare Mr Jess Perry Shes A Strawfly Strawfly Special
588 Coronado Days 2-25-2018 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Saturdaze First Down Dash
592 Docs Card 3-27-2013 Gray Mare Separatist Docs First Card First Down Dash
597 Greysteel 3-11-2018 Brown Gelding Tres Seis Grey Daze Captain Courage
606 Our Darling Corona 4-15-2018 Brown Filly Corona Cartel Docs Card Separatist
608 Rhapsody En Blue 4-08-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Run The Dash Sixarun
610 Time For T 1-03-2010 Brown Mare Bigtime Favorite T Storm Salt Lake (TB)
637 None As Easy 1-27-2001 Gray Mare Dashin Is Easy Sweet As Cash Dash For Cash
640 Whiskey Allround 1-19-2020 Bay Colt Dominyun Put A Shine On It Mighty B Valiant
651 Leesa Gone Wild 3-10-2011 Bay Mare Corona Cartel First Prize Leesa Mr Jess Perry
655 Apollitical Barbie 2-28-2017 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Blood Hott Feett Walk Thru Fire
659 Kingdom Cartel 1-24-2018 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel A Tempting Tea Tempting Dash
663 Diving Eagle 1-28-2017 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
668 Feature Lil Tiny Too 3-26-2017 Bay Filly Feature Mr Bojangles Too Tiny To Quit Corona Cartel
671 Foal In Utero Favorite Cartel Feature Jess Rockin Feature Mr Jess
672 PYC Telle Em 3-13-2015 Bay Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Tell Em Belle Tres Seis
674 Frangellica 1-05-2015 Gray Mare Big Daddy Cartel Tangled Vines Dash Ta Fame
675 Coronation Roses 2-04-2010 Chestnut Mare Corona Cartel Sky Chicks Chicks Beduino
677 Leah Carroll 2-28-2018 Sorrel Filly Hes Relentless Viva La Blue Ocean Runaway
681 Famous Candy Cat 2-13-2012 Gray Mare Red Storm Cat Chicks Famous Candy Chicks Beduino
686 Bubala 1-26-2018 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Bubblie Stel Corona

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