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4 Cowgirlsexsy 3-16-2020 Black Filly Valiant Hero Spring Bling Hawkinson
7 Hes Legendary 4-06-2020 Bay Colt Hes Relentless SR Fly Baby FDD Dynasty
8 Peytons Last Dash 2-07-2016 Brown Gelding Heza Fast Dash Im Game Lets Play Streakin La Jolla
17 Unnamed 3-15-2022 Gray Filly Apollitical Blood A Sweet Gamble Sweet First Down
24 Fmaspecial Episode 3-02-2020 Sorrel Filly Mighty Corona A Corona Episode Corona Cartel
33 Foal In Utero Corona Cartel Natalie Dash First Down Dash
40 Uncle Buck 2-21-2022 Bay Colt Uncle D Sixes Fisher Fishers Dash
59 WRS Buster Brown 3-08-2018 Bay Gelding Wagon Tales WRS Quick Gal Kool Quick Kid
60 Jess Kant Catch Me 1-29-2019 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry PYC Oh Whatta Rose Dash For Perks
67 HTR Tequilla Tuesday 2-01-2016 Bay Mare Heart Of The Cartel Sheila Tequilla Tinys First Corona
70 Unnamed 2-12-2022 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Famous Crazyface One Famous Eagle
73 Foal In Utero 1-01-2010 Sorrel Mare Jess Good Candy Higher Fling Mr Jess Perry
74 Go Go Getter 4-13-2004 Sorrel Mare Royal Shake Em Go Tru Truckle Feature
78 Nitro Brew 1-24-2022 Gray Colt KVN Corona Lady Of Reason SA Favorite Trick (TB)
81 Foal In Utero Glock Tickle Ur Fancy Dominyun
84 On The Quiet 1-29-2020 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Alice K White First Down Dash
89 Fabulous Walter 1-27-2019 Bay Colt One Fabulous Eagle Wind Power Furyofthewind
95 Way To Tricky 4-26-2020 Brown Filly Favorite Trick (TB) On Our Way One Sweet Jess
99 Hez Pretty Fast 3-17-2020 Chestnut Colt Heza Fast Dash Not Perry Pretty Dash Ta Fame
112 Sauvignon Smooth 1-29-2020 Bay Filly Big Daddy Cartel Tangled Vines Dash Ta Fame
114 Enthusyast 3-03-2019 Gray Gelding Ivory James Sinuous Mr Jess Perry
115 Doctor Blake 5-08-2020 Bay Gelding Docs Best Card Mi Stoli Stoli
118 AJ On A Wave 1-29-2019 Gray Colt Apollitical Jess Aquafina First Down Dash
123 Valiant Temptress 2-26-2018 Brown Mare Tempting Dash Belle Of Valor Valiant Hero
125 Sikario 2-06-2018 Bay Gelding Mr Jess Perry Cartel Regards Corona Cartel
140 Foal In Utero PYC Paint Your Wagon America Strikes Back Dash To Chivato
147 Hero Way 2-21-2019 Gray Filly Valiant Hero Illegal Feature Feature Mr Jess
158 Dashin Moonflash 1-16-2019 Brown Colt First Moonflash A Dash Of Sweet Heat Mr Jess Perry
166 Runawayheart 3-16-2012 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Dashingfordestiny Mr Jess Perry
173 Ole Auntie Em 1-31-2005 Sorrel Mare Dash Ta Fame Streaking Power I be Streakin
183 Turners Hot Habit 3-11-2022 Sorrel Colt Flying Cowboy 123 One Hot Habit Walk Thru Fire
184 Hot Red Ruby 4-29-2019 Sorrel Filly Good Reason Sa Sheza Shy Shahayla First Down Dash
192 Mid Knight Flash 2-19-2020 Bay Filly First Moonflash Weownthenite Walk Thru Fire
195 Fire Threat 1-28-2021 Gray Colt Seperate Interest Mongoose on Fire Walk Thru Fire
201 Helens First Choice 2-25-2005 Gray Mare First Down Dash Harems Choice *Beduino (TB)
209 CC Aregal Star 1-03-2021 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Aregal Rainbow Apollitical Jess
210 Jess Izzy 4-08-2019 Gray Filly Big Daddy Cartel Jess Adoration Mr Jess Perry
212 La Cuchara 2-02-2019 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Ms Dashin Bigtime First Down Dash
213 Dashing Vickie 3-16-2015 Sorrel Mare One Dashing Eagle Too Tiny To Quit Corona Cartel
221 Alota Hearts 4-09-2017 Bay Mare First Down Dash Apache Heart Feature Mr Jess
224 A Famous Flash 2-03-2020 Sorrel Gelding First Moonflash Starrshine One Famous Eagle
249 Favoritfire 5-04-2019 Sorrel Gelding Favorite Cartel Sfr Ring Of Fire Walk Thru Fire
261 Big Daddy Blues 4-15-2020 Sorrel Gelding Big Daddy Cartel Run The Dash Sixarun
297 Conant Valley 4-24-2019 Bay Gelding One Famous Eagle Cluster of Stars (TB) GreeleyÕs Galaxy (TB)
306 Flashin The Ivory 3-09-2019 Brown Gelding First Moonflash Special Dark Ivory Ivory James
314 Rollin In Candy 2-24-2019 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Roll On Candy Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
325 BF Viral Interest 1-03-2020 Gray Filly Seperate Interest BF April Shower Okey Dokey Dale
336 Unnamed 2-11-2022 Bay Filly Valiant Hero A Corona Episode Corona Cartel
339 Daddies Wish 4-05-2019 Gray Filly Big Daddy Cartel Wish You Had One To Stel Corona
345 Tom Clancy 4-19-2021 Bay Colt Lil Kool Wagon Stoney Plains Kipas Special
346 Check Out This Queen 1-16-2012 Sorrel Mare Check Him Out Too Tiny To Quit Corona Cartel
347 A Tempting Episode 2-27-2021 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash A Corona Episode Corona Cartel
348 Lil Miss Vickie 3-10-2021 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Dashing Vickie One Dashing Eagle
350 Power Oak 1-15-2020 Gray Filly Power Jam (TB) Wanna Treet Me Oak Tree Special
361 Mighty Illegal 4-05-2022 Gray Colt Uncle D Illegal Feature Feature Mr Jess
363 Foal In Utero Corona Cartel Wave Her Down First Down Dash
368 Lethal Jet 1-20-2019 Bay Gelding Volcom Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
371 WRS Royal Design 2-27-2019 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Versace WRS Quick Sister Royal Quick Dash
383 Diversion 4-02-2020 Bay Gelding Tres Seis Lena Cartel Carters Cartel
384 Foal In Utero One Dashing Eagle Natalie Dash First Down Dash
385 Skydancer 2-28-2021 Bay Colt Tempting Dash A Sweet Gamble Sweet First Down
386 Our Girl Magic (TB) 4-10-2007 Bay Mare Belong To Me (TB) Magic Weapon (TB) Clever Trick
388 Another Desire 4-03-2011 Sorrel Mare Desirio Another Effort Separatist
396 AP Fast Prize Corona 2-18-2020 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess Fast Prize Corona Corona Cartel
409 Hero Lips 5-02-2020 Brown Gelding Jess Lips Secret Hero Valiant Hero
411 Kromatic 3-26-2021 Sorrel Colt Hes Relentless Phoxxy First Down Dash
416 A Candy Dynasty 2-21-2020 Bay Gelding FDD Dynasty Jess Faith In Candy Spit Curl Jess
419 Big Edge 3-28-2017 Gray Gelding Big Daddy Cartel Da Edge Separatist
426 Fav Joy 2-23-2022 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Jess Found Joy Mr Jess Perry
431 Jessies Allstar 4-22-2018 Bay Gelding Jesse James Jr Woodys Allstar Woodbridge
433 A Corona On Ice 1-12-2020 Gray Gelding KVN Corona Famous Little Reba One Famous Eagle
436 Leenen Onya 3-09-2020 Sorrel Gelding One Famous Eagle First Prize Leena Corona Cartel
439 Jess Savin Candy 4-16-2019 Bay Gelding Jess Good Candy Savin Grace Pappasito
449 Fancy Lyke 3-02-2020 Sorrel Filly Dominyun Sizzling Lola First Down Dash
450 Absolutely Brilliant 1-15-2015 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
456 Cowgirls Can Fly 2-15-2022 Sorrel Filly Flying Cowboy 123 Check Out This Queen Check Him Out
461 USS Bobby 1-22-2022 Sorrel Colt Brimmerton Jess A Lil Bit More Mr Jess Perry
463 Glassa Corona 4-12-2019 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Royal Quick Glass Royal Quick Dash
468 Unnamed 2-28-2022 Bay Filly Corona Cartel First Down N Sassy First Down Dash
475 Cara Cara 4-09-2014 Gray Mare Teller Cartel Bourbonstreetchick Chicks Beduino
480 Matt Daddy 1-16-2019 Sorrel Colt Big Daddy Cartel Dash For Turf First Down Dash
483 Dash For Blood 4-17-2018 Bay Gelding Apollitical Jess Streakin Thru Fire Walk Thru Fire
484 Crimson Moon 4-05-2020 Chestnut Filly First Moonflash Kat Kora The Trader's Echo (TB)
487 Her Lying Eyes 3-11-2022 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Lady Of Reason SA Favorite Trick (TB)
493 Kiss My Hat 3-15-2021 Bay Colt Kiss My Hocks SR Fly Baby FDD Dynasty
496 Dazzlin Effort 4-21-2008 Sorrel Mare Jumpn Special Dazz Special Effort
508 Hotte Shotte 2-21-2020 Brown Gelding Carters Cartel Sinuous Mr Jess Perry
512 Foal In Utero 1-01-2007 Sorrel Mare Flying Cowboy 123 One Hot Habit Walk Thru Fire
515 Unnamed 2-26-2022 Brown Colt KVN Corona Louisiana Jewels Jess Louisiana Blue
523 Relentless One 4-24-2018 Sorrel Mare Hes Relentless One Apollitical Apollitical Jess
531 Fate Cant Weight 3-21-2010 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Wortherweightingold First Down Dash
534 Jess Sassy Corona 3-01-2020 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
546 Somebodys Baby 2-17-2020 Bay Filly Favorite Cartel Heroes Heart Valiant Hero
547 Unnamed 1-01-2022 Gray Filly Tempting Dash Royaltime Separatist Separatist
548 Griffindore 2-21-2019 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Little Surfer First Down Dash
562 Sir Rodney C 3-21-2020 Bay Gelding Hes Relentless Wagon Cruzer PYC Paint Your Wagon
564 Apollitical Is Chic 4-01-2019 Black Filly Apollitical Blood Shesa Stylish Chic Check Him Out
574 Seb Ember 2-05-2017 Bay Mare Walk Thru Fire Wisestar (TB) Henny Hughes (TB)
576 Cropped Top 2-21-2014 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Tender Flyer Strawfly Special
577 Jes Winnin 3-22-2012 Bay Mare Mr Jess Perry Winning Flair Runaway Winner
595 Unnamed 4-02-2022 Bay Colt The Marfa Lights Halley Apollitical Jess
603 Mia Havana 1-11-2020 Sorrel Filly Mighty Corona Jess A Lil Bit More Mr Jess Perry
608 No Cease Fire 3-08-2020 Sorrel Gelding Highest Fire Takin On The Sixes Sixes Royal
639 Foal In Utero 1-01-2013 Brown Mare KVN Corona Helens First Choice First Down Dash
640 Jess Beachin 1-31-2020 Bay Filly Jet Black Patriot Jess An Angel Mr Jess Perry
642 WRS Raise The Bar 2-16-2018 Sorrel Gelding Five Bar Cartel WRS Quick Sister Royal Quick Dash
651 Daddys Mony 2-26-2019 Sorrel Filly Big Daddy Cartel Jenna James Jesse James Jr
656 Jess Speed Cartel 1-23-2020 Sorrel Gelding Corona Cartel Valiant Jess Valiant Hero
661 Corona N Me 3-28-2021 Bay Filly Big Lew Sr Sparkles Freighttrain B
665 Tulsas Lil Princess 4-24-2021 Bay Filly Corona Cartel TBR Royal Perks (Tulsa) Dash For Perks
673 Sass U Blues 2-21-2020 Black Colt Favorite Cartel Sass Me Blue Valiant Hero
678 Smoky Ice 2-03-2019 Gray Gelding Apollitical Blood TF Dashin Ms Perry Sir Runaway Dash
680 Majestic Moonflash 2-01-2020 Black Gelding First Moonflash Dahteste One Famous Eagle
684 Debonheir 2-25-2020 Brown Filly Ivory James Corazonas One Famous Eagle
687 Jess Helene 1-12-2017 Black Gelding Mr Jess Perry Belle Helene Valiant Hero
689 Unnamed 1-26-2022 Sorrel Colt Tempting Dash Apollitical To Know Apollitical Jess
695 Visual Reason 2-04-2022 Sorrel Filly Good Reason Sa Visual Magic Corona Cartel
698 Faster Then U 1-02-2016 Brown Gelding Ivory James Send Me The Candy Leaving Memories
704 Piece Of Calico 4-07-2020 Gray Filly Five Bar Cartel Glitteratti Stoli
708 Foal In Utero 1-01-2008 Bay Tobiano Mare KVN Corona Helens First Choice First Down Dash
719 After The Storm 4-23-2020 Brown Colt Dominyun Eat The Fish Hard Hitting
721 Coronado Bay 2-02-2017 Bay Stallion Coronado Cartel Shes The Eagle One Famous Eagle
737 Favorite Flex 3-17-2022 Gray Colt Favorite Cartel Apolitical Pac Apollitical Jess
739 Foal In Utero Painted Turnpike Snow Me The Paddick This Snow Is Royal
739 Snow Me The Paddick 3-22-2005 Sorrel Mare This Snow Is Royal A Rare Gem Rare Form
741 Jess Hez On Fire 2-24-2019 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
743 Foal In Utero 1-01-2019 Palomino Filly Freighttrain B One Hot Habit Walk Thru Fire
745 Foal In Utero Female Tempting Dash Tres N Seis Tres Seis
755 Illegal Feature 3-12-2005 Gray Mare Feature Mr Jess Illegally Special Illegal Runaway
757 MCM Ocean Of Emotion 2-27-2008 Bay Mare Ocean Runaway Natovas Dasher Browns Dasher
758 Phurious 2-23-2020 Bay Colt Furyofthewind Phoebes Phenom Streakin La Jolla
759 Foal In Utero Apollitical Blood First Down N Sassy First Down Dash
761 One Hot Dragon 1-30-2019 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Hidden Dragon Dean Miracle
762 Prince PYC 2-26-2021 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
764 Built On The Cartel 5-23-2021 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Built For Fun Separatist
767 Meas Tempting 1-29-2021 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Duck Mea Running Tour De Kas
779 Favorite On Fire 3-15-2022 Bay Filly Highest Fire Favorite Follies Bigtime Favorite
793 Aprollific Jess 2-15-2020 Bay Gelding Apollitical Jess Sarah Must Jet Cartel
797 Corona Cartel Lady 3-27-2019 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Valentina La Jolla Streakin La Jolla
803 Lonnie James 2-09-2020 Bay Gelding Ivory James Jm Onfire Walk Thru Fire
809 Retrybution 2-04-2020 Black Colt Big Drama (TB) Bux For Bricks Zoomin For Bux
811 Mahomes 2-26-2018 Bay Colt Hes Relentless Mai Corona Corona Cartel
822 Maddona 2-11-2016 Sorrel Mare Tres Seis Sweet Violets Stoli
837 Sixes Fisher 2-11-2008 Bay Mare Fishers Dash Simple Wisdom Special Leader
852 Dashn Dame 3-17-2014 Chestnut Mare First Down Dash Miss Game Tee Game Patriot
853 CC Cartel Buddy 1-14-2022 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Eyema Candy Tree Oak Tree Special
858 Eyem Unstopable 2-18-2010 Gray Mare Mr Eye Opener Miss Corona Quick Corona Cartel
862 Unnamed 3-06-2022 Bay Filly Uncle D Our Girl Magic (TB) Belong To Me (TB)
865 Politics N Roses Z 2-11-2018 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Lonely Tonight Walk Thru Fire
874 The Kash is Mine 4-02-2016 Gray Mare Grand Minstrel Kain's Prize Prized
876 Louisiana Moves 2-19-2020 Brown Filly The Louisiana Cartel Rnl Makn An Exit Maknmoves
888 Moonlight Blaze 2-18-2020 Bay Filly First Moonflash LR Miss Atina Corona Cartel
898 BF Divine Dynasty 5-06-2010 Sorrel Mare FDD Dynasty BF Lollypop Dash Ta Fame
899 Gemma 3-08-2013 Sorrel Mare Teller Cartel Ole Auntie Em Dash Ta Fame
907 AJ Belle Helene 3-14-2022 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess Belle Helene Valiant Hero
921 Famous Blueyed Kisse 2-19-2019 Black Colt One Famous Eagle Dreaming of Kisses Legendary Dreamer
922 Just A KVN 3-19-2020 Brown Filly KVN Corona Lethal Heat Volcom
927 Ms Pilot ID 3-10-2008 Bay Mare Identity Theft Ms Pilot Point Splash Bac
929 Aregal Rainbow 2-06-2014 Sorrel Mare Apollitical Jess The Regal Streak A Regal Choice
936 Jess Val 4-28-2015 Sorrel Mare Valiant Hero Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
947 Okie Candy Man 1-20-2020 Sorrel Gelding One Fabulous Eagle Eyema Candy Tree Oak Tree Special
949 Sarabi Stone 4-16-2021 Chestnut Filly Apollitical Blood Problems in Paradise Game Patriot

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