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505 Penthouse Sweet 2-28-2012 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel The Way You Want Me Mr Eye Opener
626 Prodijee 3-08-2019 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Shazumba Shazoom
392 Runaway AJ 2-19-2019 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Runaway Preslee Corona Cartel
425 Mr Ricks 3-25-2017 Sorrel Gelding Mr Jess Perry Aquafina First Down Dash
452 Lady Jessie Dee 5-11-2010 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry My Dashing Lady Dash For Cash
459 Perrys Double Down 4-25-2017 Sorrel Gelding Mr Jess Perry Double Down Darling Fishers Dash
465 Oh So Fancy Fancy 2-06-2014 Sorrel Mare One Sweet Jess Oh So Arrogant Chicks Beduino
474 Look At This Corona 2-26-2019 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Look At Her Walk Thru Fire
477 Shescheckinumout 2-20-2005 Sorrel Mare Check Him Out Shenoshercorona Corona Cartel
493 22 Recip A Fortunate Choice 1-01-2004 Sorrel Mare Coronado Cartel A Fortunate Choice A Regal Choice
364 Relentless One 4-24-2018 Sorrel Filly Hes Relentless One Apollitical Apollitical Jess
497 Hot Lady Returns 3-06-2018 Sorrel Filly High Rate Of Return Hottesticketintown Jody O Toole
354 Saturdaze 1-28-2014 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Gold Daze Tolltac
515 Miss Good Candy 3-05-2018 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Miss Racy First Down First Down Dash
516 22 Recip Corona Habit 1-01-2009 Sorrel Mare Tres Seis Corona Habit Corona Cartel
537 Kiss Ya Bye 1-28-2018 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Burnin Bye Separatist
580 Take Me Ta Church 3-25-2016 Sorrel Mare Tac It Like A Man Hollie Jollie Fredricksburg
588 Signed By A Kiss 3-31-2017 Sorrel Mare Kiss My Hocks Signs Zoomer Shazoom
606 22 Recip Giving Freely 1-01-2003 Sorrel Mare Tres Seis Giving Freely Corona Cartel
611 Brokenhearttattoo 3-14-2019 Sorrel Gelding Jess Lips Mia Corona First Down Dash
619 A Little Bit Alexis 3-04-2020 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Just A Fairytale Corona Cartel
622 Apolitical Zoom 3-03-2012 Sorrel Mare Apollitical Jess K D Zoom Shazoom
3 SC Coronada 3-09-2016 Sorrel Mare Coronado Cartel Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
251 Zocca 3-23-2013 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Bhb Mighty Mr Jess Perry
62 Doowopadoo 1-20-2019 Sorrel Filly Good Reason Sa Jess Racy Eyes Mr Jess Perry
87 A Tempting Tea 1-08-2012 Sorrel Mare Tempting Dash St Pats Tea Mr Jess Perry
97 Reinas Y Coronas 4-11-2019 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Electric Sign Vital Sign
98 Letzgetwestern 3-16-2021 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Western Fun Tres Seis
117 Classy Cherry Cola 3-25-2019 Sorrel Gelding Chickie Cherry Cola Class Of Memories Relagate
126 Fate Cant Weight 3-21-2010 Sorrel Mare Mr Jess Perry Wortherweightingold First Down Dash
127 Teller N Telleragain 2-23-2006 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Teller Queen Easy Jet
141 Glock 3-23-2012 Sorrel Stallion Foose Babe On The Fly Strawfly Special
150 22 Recip Spit Curl Diva 1-01-2008 Sorrel Mare Favorite Cartel Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
376 Jess My Disco 2-25-2019 Sorrel Gelding Jess Good Candy Check This Disco Check Him Out
213 Wicked Sweet Z 3-23-2018 Sorrel Gelding Jess Good Candy Royal N Wicked Separatist
500 Spittys Candy Cartel 3-24-2020 Sorrel Filly Cartels Candy Man Salt Lake Spitty Salt Lake (TB)
262 Tf Ima Sweet Jess 2-14-2018 Sorrel Filly One Sweet Jess Tf Ms Special Perry Special Leader
273 One Famous Brand 3-05-2019 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash One Famous Rock Star Mr Jess Perry
276 Love Ballad 2-02-2019 Sorrel Gelding Coronado Cartel Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
281 Charm Dance 3-17-2007 Sorrel Mare First Down Dash Sandras Task Special Task
293 Slaney Sider 3-28-2020 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Shanachee Country Chicks Man
294 Shes My Huckleberry 1-30-2021 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
313 Corona Habit 3-08-2011 Sorrel Mare Corona Cartel Jess Another Habit Mr Jess Perry
320 Relentless Meshack 3-14-2019 Sorrel Colt Hes Relentless Twilight Corona Corona Cartel
336 Heart Of Rhythm 1-26-2019 Sorrel Gelding Tres Seis Shades Of Blues Girl Corona Cartel
152 Sweet Dash 2-12-2021 Sorrel Colt Hez Our Secret Penthouse Sweet Corona Cartel
701 Spit Curl Diva 3-08-2006 Sorrel Mare Spit Curl Jess Some Kinda Diva Some Dasher
746 Druski 1-08-2018 Sorrel Gelding Hawkinson Shirleys Strawfly Strawfly Special
754 Spoiled Jess 4-09-2010 Sorrel Mare Feature Mr Jess Immortal Cartel Corona Cartel
797 A Fortunate Choice 2-01-2009 Sorrel Mare A Regal Choice Fortune Of Delight Six Fortunes
805 A Teller Cartel Girl 1-11-2010 Sorrel Mare Teller Cartel A Holland Girl Holland Ease
806 One Famous Cowgirl 2-23-2019 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Kiddy Up Cowgirl
496 One Famous Hawkeye 1-17-2012 Sorrel Mare One Famous Eagle In A Small Package Okey Dokey Dale
813 Saltwater Taffi 1-01-2019 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Watergirl B Game Patriot
738 Flying Cowboy 123 / Bootleggers Miss 2-18-2021 Sorrel Colt Flying Cowboy 123 Bootleggers Miss FDD Dynasty
850 Apolitical Thunder 2-07-2019 Sorrel Gelding Apollitical Jess Runawayheart First Down Dash
810 Secret Romeo 2-14-2019 Sorrel Gelding Corona Cartel PJ Chick In Black Desirio
868 Pieology 2-08-2019 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Hawk Kue Pie
884 Survey Seis 4-05-2019 Sorrel Gelding Tres Seis Kensey Ann Fame Dash Ta Fame
890 Shes A Royal Icon 3-02-2021 Sorrel Filly Texas Icon Shenoshezroyal Royal Quick Dash
925 22 Recip Spoiled Jess 1-01-2011 Sorrel Mare Valiant Hero Spoiled Jess Feature Mr Jess
671 Candy Spots 5-02-2020 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Free Bird Fly (TB) Bianconi
658 Apolitical Premier 2-22-2019 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Blood Jm Onfire Walk Thru Fire
834 22 Recip Royally Sandra 2-10-2008 Sorrel Mare Coronado Cartel Royally Sandra Royal Quick Dash
192 22 Recip Lady Jessie Dee 5-17-2004 Red Road Mare Big Lew Lady Jessie Dee Mr Jess Perry
928 22 Recip Huckleberry Mojito 1-01-2013 Palomino Mare Tres Seis Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
131 Eh Im Crushin It 1-28-2020 Gray Colt KVN Corona A Game Dasher First Down Dash
326 Docs River Spirit 2-21-2017 Gray Mare Jess Jones Eye Spy Valletta Mr Eye Opener
369 A Valiant Diamond 2-16-2017 Gray Mare One Valiant Hero Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
60 Naomis Runaway Booty 3-12-2014 Gray Mare Ocean Runaway Bradens Bustlinbooty Spanish Boot
578 Shaker Secret 3-08-2013 Gray Mare No Secrets Here Eyesa Shaker Eyesa Special
655 22 Recip SC Coronada 1-01-2010 Buckskin Mare FDD Dynasty SC Coronada Coronado Cartel
916 22 Recip Back In The Pack 1-01-2011 Buckskin Mare Tres Seis Back In The Pack Corona For Me
194 22 Recip Saturdaze 1-01-2012 Buckskin Mare Big Lew Saturdaze First Down Dash
815 Rock Candy Almighty 2-12-2018 Brown Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Jesses Candy Mr Jess Perry
603 Polar Xpress 3-10-2015 Brown Mare Freighttrain B Zoomshakalaka Azoom
586 Ladies Success 1-26-2017 Brown Mare Cartel Success JA Fast Lady Heza Fast Man
870 Good Thing Gone 1-13-2019 Brown Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Fate Cant Weight Mr Jess Perry
894 Delightning Jess 2-15-2009 Brown Mare Feature Mr Jess Buckshot Delight First Down Dash
169 Blue To Be First 3-09-2019 Brown Gelding First Moonflash The Blues Girl Corona Cartel
704 Hez Lonesome 2-12-2021 Brown Colt Hez Our Secret SC Coronada Coronado Cartel
203 Reasontworun 2-27-2020 Brown Colt Good Reason Sa Dashin Vike Dashin Bye
866 El Angel Corona 3-01-2017 Brown Colt Corona Czech Special Ela
332 Redneck Ryan 4-20-2014 Brown Stallion Separatist A Delightful Legacy First Down Dash
256 Waitin On Mindy 2-25-2012 Brown Mare FDD Dynasty Jess Significant Mr Jess Perry
158 Lukka 3-07-2019 Brown Colt Favorite Trick (TB) Jess A Cartel Corona Cartel
632 Special Eagle V 2-28-2019 Brown Filly One Famous Eagle Special Folly Dash Tempting Dash
898 Shakair 2-12-2017 Brown Mare Dashair Shakem Bye Dashin Bye
900 Missmerizing 3-21-2015 Brown Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon License To Thrill Mr Jess Perry
427 Yellowstone Lake 3-25-2021 Brown Colt Big Lew Mia Corona First Down Dash
763 Back In The Pack 3-01-2009 Brown Mare Corona For Me Runninbac First Down Dash
680 Kiddy Up Lady 2-05-2019 Brown Filly Kiddy Up Champagne Perry Mr Jess Perry
711 After The Storm 4-23-2020 Brown Colt Dominyun Eat The Fish Hard Hitting
470 Diego Valentino 2-14-2021 Brown Colt Tarzanito Mi Sombra FDD Dynasty
75 22 Recip Charm Dance 1-01-2009 Bay Tobiano Mare Coronado Cartel Charm Dance First Down Dash
228 Jess Painted Sign 3-28-2015 Bay Mare Mr Jess Perry First Painted Sign PYC Paint Your Wagon
639 Royally Sandra 4-21-2008 Bay Mare Royal Quick Dash Lady McDiva Special Leader
222 22 Recip Relentless One 1-01-2007 Bay Mare KVN Corona Relentless One Hes Relentless
869 Girl Trick MV 1-29-2019 Bay Filly Favorite Trick (TB) Queen Of Appeals First Down Dash
70 22 Recip Fate Cant Weight 1-01-2009 Bay Mare Big Lew Fate Cant Weight Mr Jess Perry
72 Eye Catchin Corona Z 1-19-2019 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Good Eye Mr Eye Opener
73 Running Water 3-12-2019 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Dream Alone Chicks Beduino
872 Fly The Coup 1-16-2018 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Babe On The Fly Strawfly Special
179 The Panama Cartel 4-16-2021 Bay Colt Panama Wes Candy Corona Corona Cartel
164 Cartels Cluster 1-25-2017 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Cluster of Stars (TB) Greeley’s Galaxy (TB)
93 Fg Jess Dash 3-16-2018 Bay Filly Volcom Jess Walking Thru Walk Thru Fire
264 Nonsense Coronado 2-02-2018 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Political Nonsense Apollitical Jess
690 22 Recip Fast Red Rose 1-01-2007 Bay Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
685 Rebas Dynasty 1-14-2019 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Famous Little Reba One Famous Eagle
697 Packen Punches 1-26-2021 Bay Colt Big Lew Pack Light One Famous Eagle
539 Screenshot 1-19-2019 Bay Filly Tres Seis Shades Of Blues Girl Corona Cartel
930 La Fantacia Sone 3-13-2010 Bay Mare Okey Dokey Fantasy First Heart First Down Dash
716 Mag 1 1-25-2016 Bay Gelding Mr Jess Kue Oak Tree Chic Oak Tree Special
712 Cherie 1-12-2019 Bay Filly Big Lew Sweet N Sassy Doll One Famous Eagle
757 Rock The Candy Wagon 2-04-2018 Bay Gelding PYC Paint Your Wagon Jesses Candy Mr Jess Perry
758 Warning 1-17-2019 Bay Gelding Tempting Dash Brenda Beautiful Feature Mr Jess
464 Enthrall 2-09-2012 Bay Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Lett Her Zoom Shazoom
760 Trophy Chaser 3-20-2020 Bay Colt A Revenant Evans Express Tres Seis
435 A Blue Girls Candy 3-18-2018 Bay Filly Jess Good Candy Shades Of Blues Girl Corona Cartel
428 Lazy Dayz 1-20-2021 Bay Colt Big Lew Saturdaze First Down Dash
770 Three Delights 1-09-2021 Bay Colt Tres Seis Delightning Jess Feature Mr Jess
407 Honey Budder 1-18-2019 Bay Filly Tres Seis Budder Think Twice First Down Dash
389 Rock Candy Dynasty 4-03-2016 Bay Mare FDD Dynasty Jesses Candy Mr Jess Perry
517 Lilyhammer 3-03-2017 Bay Mare PYC Paint Your Wagon Dream Alone Chicks Beduino
306 Southern Me Me 2-13-2016 Bay Mare FDD Dynasty Southern Price Corona Cartel
252 Ferarri B A Prize 3-01-2019 Bay Filly Freighttrain B Ferarri Fast Prize Mr Jess Perry
867 Coronas Zoom 1-29-2016 Bay Mare Corona Cartel Signs Zoomer Shazoom
725 Leading Cartel 1-20-2018 Bay Gelding Big Daddy Cartel Leading Diva Special Leader
839 Doubters Beware 3-13-2018 Bay Gelding Im A Fancy PYC Crescent Shore TB
304 Red Widow 3-16-2017 Bay Mare Carters Cartel Dream Alone Chicks Beduino
232 Sc Divas Cartel Man 3-06-2018 Bay Gelding Corona Cartel Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
814 Lilly McGillicuddy 4-26-2012 Bay Mare Pappasito A Delightful Legacy First Down Dash
560 Seis Grace 3-16-2018 Bay Filly Tres Seis Great Grace Apollitical Jess
559 Khan of Khans 3-04-2020 Bay Colt FDD Dynasty Favored Teller Cartel
547 Western Fun 4-04-2009 Bay Mare Tres Seis Southern Fun Tricky Fun (TB)
565 C Me Leaving You G 2-02-2021 Bay Colt Coronas Leaving You Feature Ms Knockout Feature Mr Bojangles
809 2022 Valiant Hero Share 20
202 2022 Valiant Hero Share 16
207 22 Recip Miss Racy Cartel 1-01-2011 Mare Favorite Trick (TB) Miss Racy Cartel Corona Cartel
386 22 Recip Wave Her Down 1-01-2011 Mare Corona Cartel Wave Her Down First Down Dash
258 Tempting Helene 3-20-2021 Filly Tempting Dash Belle Helene Valiant Hero

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