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Los Alamitos Equine Sale -  October 5-6, 2019 - Los Alamitos, CA

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4 Sassy Sizzler 3-07-2017 Chestnut Filly One Dashing Eagle Sassy Corona Corona Cartel
8 Candys Hero 3-26-2017 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Send Candy Power PYC Paint Your Wagon
9 Separating Herself 1-04-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
13 Fine And Famous V 2-17-2017 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle Sera Fina Corona Cartel
14 Mc Mora 1-22-2017 Gray Filly One Dashing Eagle Shake Wide Open Royal Shake Em
15 Calle De Oro 3-15-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel She Travels Fishers Dash
37 Rousing Encore 4-18-2003 Gray Mare First Down Dash Strawberry Silk *Beduino (TB)
57 Lager Lady 2-20-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Theslatesclean Corona Cocktail
61 Zoomin For The Crown 3-19-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Time For Zoom Shazoom
63 Wandering Illegally 1-07-2009 Sorrel Mare Walk Thru Fire Totally Illegal Tolltac
70 Wallstreet Jewel 4-26-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Wallstreet Darlin Bully Bullion
72 Zooming On By 1-30-2017 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Watch Linda Ballet Mr Jess Perry
86 Give Me A Reason V 3-01-2017 Black Filly Good Reason Sa Act Up Strawfly Special
88 Allamerican Mack 1-16-2017 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
97 The Sweet Scape 3-22-2017 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Awholelotofattitude Corona Cartel
98 Pyc Chargor 3-21-2017 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Azoom Babe Azoom
102 Malibu Moonflash 2-04-2017 Bay Filly First Moonflash Bastet PYC Paint Your Wagon
103 Let Foose Loose 3-12-2017 Sorrel Colt Foose Better Check Me Out Check Him Out
108 Bread N Budder 4-11-2017 Bay Colt First Down Dash Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
134 Dreamgirl Addi 1-22-2017 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
139 Hotfoot Hero 1-22-2017 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Endless Delight Royal Quick Dash
149 Suddenly Sailing 4-20-2017 Black Filly Good Reason Sa Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac
159 Endless Enchantment 3-06-2017 Brown Filly Carters Cartel Endless Delight Royal Quick Dash
165 Monster Red 4-25-2017 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
169 Unnamed 5-09-2017 Colt One Dashing Eagle Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
171 Is It Over 2-12-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon First Prize Chic Country Chicks Man
183 Cut A Swell 4-07-2017 Black Colt Jess Louisiana Blue Glitteratti Stoli
185 Lane Ends 5-03-2017 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Gold Daze Tolltac
200 Sometimes We Laugh 1-28-2017 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
201 Unnamed 5-01-2017 Colt One Dashing Eagle Im A Dashin Runaway First Down Dash
202 Unnamed 3-26-2017 Colt Five Bar Cartel Im Brendas Chick Chicks Beduino Jr
207 Oreileys Daughter 1-16-2017 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Jedi Cartel Corona Cartel
211 Of Wolf and Man 2-02-2017 Brown Colt FDD Dynasty Jess Charming Mr Jess Perry
212 Jess Like A Man 3-21-2017 Sorrel Colt Tac It Like A Man Jess Cuz Mr Jess Perry
213 Address Jess 4-20-2017 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Jess Jets Mr Jess Perry
236 Make Tracks Jess 3-31-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Jess Jets Mr Jess Perry
243 Sassy Broad 3-13-2017 Bay Filly Game Patriot Leezas Wish (TB) Dance Master (TB)
258 Touching Hearts 1-19-2017 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Mia Corona First Down Dash
275 Rebel Yell 1-22-2017 Chestnut Filly Corona Cartel Play Your Card Separatist
282 Ventura Jess JQM 4-04-2017 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Personal Glory Walk Thru Fire
284 Javiers Hustle 2-15-2017 Gray Colt Corona Cartel Play Your Card Separatist
288 Scandalous Dasher 1-21-2017 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash One Famous Ermana Mr Jess Perry
293 Chactaw 2-01-2017 Chestnut Filly Corona Cartel Play Your Card Separatist
294 Passionate Paris 2-06-2017 Brown Filly Walk Thru Fire Paris Prize PYC Paint Your Wagon
302 Personal Zarita JQM 3-21-2017 Sorrel Filly Separatist Personal Glory Walk Thru Fire
303 Fredericos Fantasy 3-14-2017 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Play Your Card Separatist
328 Wave Her First 3-17-2017 Gray Filly First Down Dash Runaway Wave Runaway Winner

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