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Los Alamitos Equine Sale -  October 5-6, 2019 - Los Alamitos, CA

Hip Sort Descending Sort Ascending Name Sort Descending Sort Ascending DOB Sort Descending Sort Ascending Color Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sex Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam's Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending
0 Unnamed Filly One Famous Eagle Flying Fig Corona Cartel
0 Cartel Worthy Colt Favorite Cartel Worth A Look First Down Dash
0 Favorite Sisstar Filly Favorite Cartel A Sisstar First Down Dash
0 Unnamed Male Favorite Cartel Lady Lucchese Spanish Boot
0 Cash For Shyann Colt Good Reason Sa Shyann Cash Takin On The Cash
0 Captin Obvious Colt Favorite Cartel Summertime Quickie Royal Quick Dash
0 Dashin Thief Colt Apollitical Jess Dashin Belladona Fishers Dash
0 Unnamed 1-01-2018 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Tres Magicals Tres Seis
0 Unnamed 1-01-2018 Gray Filly Five Bar Cartel Shake Wide Open Royal Shake Em
0 Sc Divas Famous Man 1-01-2018 Sorrel Colt One Famous Eagle Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
0 Positive Energy 1-01-2018 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Precious Energy Walk Thru Fire
0 Unnamed 1-01-2018 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Delightful Molly A Regal Choice
0 Mojito Wagon 1-01-2018 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Huckleberry Mojito Feature Mr Jess
0 Unnamed 1-01-2018 Bay Filly Favorite Cartel Put In Secret
0 Df Favorite Ms Pilot 1-03-2018 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Ms Perrys Pilot Mr Jess Perry
0 Eagle Joy 1-21-2018 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Senator Joy Louisiana Senator
0 Magill Peak 1-25-2018 Gray Colt Separatist Lilly McGillicuddy Pappasito
0 Dash Ur Wagon Too 1-26-2018 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
0 Letscruise 1-27-2018 Gray Filly Favorite Cartel Letsgetitstarted Splash Bac
0 Nonsense Coronado 2-02-2018 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Political Nonsense Apollitical Jess
0 L Bar D Sweet Fantsy 2-06-2012 Brown Mare Fantastic Corona Jr Dash Home Deb Strawfly Special
0 Df Fabulous Rocko 2-08-2018 Gray Colt One Famous Eagle Eur O So Bad (TB) Eurosilver
0 Paint Your Dynasty 2-11-2018 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Bling Dynasty Mr Jess Perry
0 All The Way Up 2-17-2018 Brown Colt Apollitical Jess Effectiveimmediately Corona Cartel
0 Suite Encounter 2-18-2018 Sorrel Colt Dominyun Suite Fantasies First Down Dash
0 Lethal Chrome 2-18-2018 Sorrel Filly Volcom Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino
0 Blood Red Sunrise 2-18-2018 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Blood Sunset Stunner Corona Cartel
0 Df Fabulous Ginger 2-19-2018 Sorrel Filly One Famous Eagle Gingers Special Eyes Eyesa Special
0 Betsy Vista JQM 2-20-2018 Chestnut Filly Corona Cartel Jessica Ravin Mr Jess Perry
0 Hero In Da Making 2-20-2018 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
0 Hes A Fairytale 2-27-2018 Sorrel Colt Glock Just A Fairytale Corona Cartel
0 Personal Cartel JQM 3-03-2018 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Personal Glory Walk Thru Fire
0 Our First Hero 3-04-2018 Bay Colt Valiant Hero Preslee The First Corona Cartel
0 DF Favorite Honor 3-07-2018 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Personal Honor Mr Jess Perry
0 Coronado Famous Seis 3-09-2018 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Seis Famous Eagle One Famous Eagle
0 Perrys Everlasting 3-09-2018 Bay Filly Mr Jess Perry Designateddriver Corona Cartel
0 Remember Robyn 3-10-2018 Bay Filly Tres Seis Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
0 Lethal Storm 3-10-2018 Bay Colt Volcom Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino
0 Df Ice Cartel 3-13-2018 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Coronas Ice Maiden Wave Carver
0 Df Fabulous Carl 3-13-2018 Bay Colt One Fabulous Eagle Apollos Favorite Apollo (TB)
0 Unnamed 3-14-2018 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Hi On The List Streakin La Jolla
0 Red Rosy Cartel 3-17-2018 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
0 Sunbrook Serenity 3-18-2018 Brown Colt First Down Dash Sunbrook Lane Mr Eye Opener
0 Makneyes 3-20-2018 Gray Colt Maknmoves Miss Eye Stocks Mr Eye Opener
0 Unnamed 3-20-2018 Bay Colt First Down Dash Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
0 Carters Sweethart 3-26-2018 Brown Filly Carters Cartel Nurturist Separatist
0 High Spirited Jess 3-30-2018 Sorrel Filly Mr Jess Perry Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac
0 Unnamed 4-02-2018 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
0 Split The Differance 4-04-2018 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Simply Different Tres Seis
0 Ramblin Fox 4-04-2018 Brown Colt Jess Good Candy Azoom Babe Azoom
0 Dahlia Dash 4-09-2018 Brown Filly JR Dynasty Mountain Bridal Creek First Down Dash
0 Unnamed 4-12-2018 Filly Hawkinson Be First Rose Ought To Be First
0 Unnamed 4-16-2018 Bay Colt Strawfly Special Jess Cuz Mr Jess Perry
0 Reason To Fly MV 4-30-2018 Brown Filly Good Reason Sa Take A Look Separatist
0 Unnamed 5-02-2018 Sorrel Filly Five Bar Cartel Shes Sweet N Can Fly
0 Unnamed 5-08-2018 Bay Colt Walk Thru Fire Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
0 Fast Red Flyer 5-08-2018 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Fast Red Rose Mr Jess Perry
0 Bridal Creek 5-18-2008 Brown Mare First Down Dash Queen Of Everything Coup de Kas (TB)

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