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310 Unnamed 2-14-2021 Sorrel Filly First Down Dash Sandy June Bug Blushing Bug
343 Dynamic Candy 2-07-2021 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Cartel Rosie Carters Cartel
73 Lady Siete Seis 2-19-2021 Sorrel Filly Tres Seis Mavara Vegas FDD Dynasty
196 Military Time 2-25-2021 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
220 JD Dance Monkey 3-05-2021 Sorrel Colt One Famous Eagle Jess A Painted Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
16 GT Rocket 3-22-2021 Sorrel Colt Tres Seis Charmin Chief Corona Chief Corona
322 A Dash Of Pop 2-05-2021 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Shazooms Pop Pop Shazoom
319 Unnamed 2-07-2021 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel One Sweet Picky One Sweet Jess
347 Famously Tempted 2-17-2021 Sorrel Colt Tempting Dash Famous Mariah Tres Seis
100 SC Time To Run 3-07-2021 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
344 Jess To Be Valiant 2-06-2021 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Belle Of Valor Valiant Hero
129 Favorite Budder 2-27-2021 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Budder Think Twice First Down Dash
132 Duckys Dynasty 4-09-2021 Sorrel Colt FDD Dynasty Duck Dash N Go Coronas Fast Dash
287 Ruthless Hero 3-30-2021 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Jess A Candy Gal Mr Jess Perry
281 Eagles Flyin Dynasty 1-04-2021 Sorrel Colt FDD Dynasty A Flying Eagle One Famous Eagle
278 SC Jessie D 3-03-2021 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess Spit Curl Diva Spit Curl Jess
143 Cartel N Sass 1-13-2021 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Sizzlin Sass First Down Dash
180 JD Jess Kiss Me More 2-21-2021 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Jess Adoration Mr Jess Perry
264 Favorite Gloryshiner 2-17-2021 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Eye Of Glory Mr Eye Opener
194 Apolitical Walk 3-10-2021 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Jess Walking Thru Walk Thru Fire
380 Jess Returning Candy 2-08-2021 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Candy Girl Returns High Rate Of Return
408 Trusty Jess 3-22-2021 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Entrust Relagate (TB)
403 Jess A Candy Maker 2-20-2021 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Candy Cartel Corona Cartel
402 Tres A Heart 2-01-2021 Sorrel Colt Heart Of The Cartel Famous Mariah Tres Seis
24 Unnamed 3-27-2021 Sorrel Colt One Famous Eagle Wagon Chick V PYC Paint Your Wagon
216 Jess Call Home 1-16-2021 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Little Surfer First Down Dash
206 Send Me Up Scotty 2-21-2021 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
30 Zoom On Bye 1-17-2021 Sorrel Colt Corona Cartel Apolitical Zoom Apollitical Jess
342 This Cartels Hot 2-21-2021 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Sashay Hot Walk Thru Fire
33 Unnamed 1-24-2021 Sorrel Colt Walk Thru Fire Dutch Secret Separatist
68 Dreamin About Jess 1-30-2021 Sorrel Filly Apollitical Jess A Dream To Remember Corona Cartel
241 Forgiven Cowboy 3-24-2021 Sorrel Colt Flying Cowboy 123 She Forgives Foose
35 Beduinos Favorite 3-20-2021 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Jess Ravin Corona Cartel
357 Vegas Trick 1-25-2021 Sorrel Colt Jess Good Candy Mavara Vegas FDD Dynasty
43 This Candy Can Fly 2-26-2021 Sorrel Filly Hes Relentless Candy Cartels Candy Cartels Candy Man
46 Dragonette 4-17-2021 Sorrel Filly Jess Good Candy Hidden Dragon Dean Miracle
19 Tempting Cheyenne 3-24-2021 Gray Colt Tempting Dash Cheyenne Hero Valiant Hero
153 Next Level Up 2-07-2021 Gray Colt KVN Corona She Travels Fishers Dash
405 Big Dreamer 2-04-2021 Gray Filly KVN Corona Little Surfer First Down Dash
334 Marfa Rocks 3-23-2021 Gray Filly The Marfa Lights Helens First Choice First Down Dash
375 Tooele 1-15-2021 Gray Colt KVN Corona Vf Red Surprise First Prize Stanley
258 Miss Me Yett 3-21-2021 Gray Colt KVN Corona Missmerizing PYC Paint Your Wagon
82 Kevins Knockout 3-07-2021 Gray Filly KVN Corona Aquafina First Down Dash
390 Ocean Lady 2-09-2021 Gray Filly Favorite Cartel Mother Ocean Corona Cartel
45 One Ladys Corona 1-11-2021 Gray Filly KVN Corona One Texas Lady One Famous Eagle
252 Prodigium 1-01-2021 Gray Colt KVN Corona My Famous Lady One Famous Eagle
89 Wave Him Down 1-23-2021 Gray Colt Corona Cartel Wave Her Down First Down Dash
69 Alltimefav 4-08-2021 Chestnut Colt Favorite Cartel Stolmeacartel Stoli
190 Born Free 2-03-2021 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Takiana Romanova B FDD Dynasty
182 Favorite Sapphire 4-22-2021 Brown Filly Favorite Trick (TB) Sassy Corona Corona Cartel
131 Corona Legend 2-07-2021 Brown Colt KVN Corona Legendary Eagle One Famous Eagle
95 My Style Of Candy 1-16-2021 Brown Colt Jess Good Candy Cartels Sign Of Mine Corona Cartel
76 Relentless Izzy 2-17-2021 Brown Filly Hes Relentless Cadilac Flash First Moonflash
75 Pitchins Favorite 3-18-2022 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Pitchin Woo FDD Dynasty
50 Proven Favorite 3-11-2021 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Believe Me Irene Valiant Hero
28 Swingin Lightening 2-23-2021 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Swingin Cartel Corona Cartel
26 Tres Seis Candy 4-16-2021 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Send Tres Sies Candy Tres Seis
78 Relentless Chris 4-06-2021 Brown Filly Hes Relentless First Painted Sign PYC Paint Your Wagon
253 Its My Favorite 3-02-2021 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Bp Its My Policy First Down Dash
416 Its A Cake Walk 1-19-2021 Brown Filly Tres Seis Daisy Cakes PYC Paint Your Wagon
316 Sass Blue Cowboy 3-03-2021 Brown Colt Flying Cowboy 123 Sass Me Blue Valiant Hero
324 We Dont Walk We Run 1-20-2021 Brown Filly Walk Thru Fire Runaway Preslee Corona Cartel
232 Memphis Dragon 2-06-2021 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Hidden Dragon Dean Miracle
295 Lethally Tempted 2-23-2021 Brown Colt Tempting Dash Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry
312 Jess Here For Candy 2-17-2021 Brown Colt Jess Good Candy Candy Cartel Corona Cartel
372 Favorite Wave 1-04-2021 Brown Filly Favorite Cartel Wave Her Down First Down Dash
336 D Accountant 4-27-2021 Brown Colt Apollitical Blood Breck N Records PYC Paint Your Wagon
367 Skeet 1-21-2021 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac
205 Believe In Perry 1-30-2021 Black Colt Mr Jess Perry Believe Me Irene Valiant Hero
277 Jessa Dashin Hero 2-11-2021 Black Colt Mr Jess Perry Belle Helene Valiant Hero
71 Miss Lethal Hero 1-30-2021 Black Filly Valiant Hero Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry
125 Moon Spot 1-20-2021 Black Filly KVN Corona Sunspot Babie Favorite Cartel
74 Cant Pass This One 2-06-2021 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Jess Walking Thru Walk Thru Fire
332 JD Kandy Krush 1-27-2021 Bay Filly Jess Good Candy Ms Valiant Sign Valiant Hero
359 Rollin Candy Dynasty 2-15-2021 Bay Colt FDD Dynasty Roll On Candy Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
325 Lasso Me 1-30-2021 Bay Filly Favorite Cartel Shades Of Blues Girl Corona Cartel
335 Think Again Kev 3-23-2021 Bay Colt KVN Corona Budder Think Twice First Down Dash
340 Anna Lee Cartel 1-20-2021 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
345 Hez Our First Call 2-05-2021 Bay Colt Hez Our Secret Mightys First Call Calligrapher
358 Sass And Ice 2-07-2021 Bay Filly Corona Cartel Sassy On Fire Walk Thru Fire
369 Onefamous Littlelady 1-16-2021 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle PYCs Little Lady PYC Paint Your Wagon
384 Trendis Winner 2-04-2021 Bay Filly KVN Corona Trendi Stoli
389 Stylish Apollitical 3-08-2021 Bay Colt Apollitical Jess First Painted Sign PYC Paint Your Wagon
29 Ful Court Press 3-25-2021 Bay Colt Tempting Dash Preslee The First Corona Cartel
394 Mainstreet Warrior 1-16-2021 Bay Colt Corona Cartel My Famous Lady One Famous Eagle
397 Sonny Corona 2-08-2021 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry
400 Apolitical Tres 3-12-2021 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess A Tres Of Paint Tres Seis
413 Apolitical Trends 1-19-2021 Bay Colt Apollitical Jess Trendi Stoli
355 Skindatsmokewagon 1-26-2021 Bay Colt KVN Corona AB What A Runner Royal Quick Dash
166 Louisana Rainbow 1-03-2021 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Louisana Corona Jess Louisiana Blue
211 Race Crystal 1-31-2021 Bay Filly Hes Relentless Race Princess Corona Cartel
210 Favorite Nova 3-19-2021 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Remember To Dash First Down Dash
237 Political Rivalry 1-31-2021 Bay Colt KVN Corona Apolitical Zoom Apollitical Jess
197 Our Favorite 2-02-2021 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Kvn Little Sister Corona Cartel
248 Designated Eagle 2-07-2021 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Designateddriver Corona Cartel
254 Woo Shes On Fire 2-08-2021 Bay Filly Walk Thru Fire Pitchin Woo FDD Dynasty
185 Start Up 1-24-2021 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Aquafina First Down Dash
256 Going To The Bank 2-16-2021 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Southern Fling Southern Cartel
271 Peppermints Gold 2-09-2021 Bay Filly Valiant Hero SRC Gold PYC Paint Your Wagon
176 Praiseworthy 2-01-2021 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel BP Mariahs JP Mr Jess Perry
102 Lethal Beast 4-08-2021 Bay Colt KVN Corona Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino
169 Back Country 4-05-2021 Bay Colt FDD Dynasty Imaqtpie One Famous Eagle
222 A Political Cluster 2-05-2021 Bay Filly Apollitical Jess Cluster of Stars (TB) GreeleyÕs Galaxy (TB)
157 Jess A Salty Candy 3-02-2021 Bay Colt Jess Good Candy This Candys Salty PYC Paint Your Wagon
272 Jess Might Get It 2-20-2021 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Jess Cuz Mr Jess Perry
150 Sugar Bomb 1-30-2021 Bay Filly KVN Corona Lethal Class Tres Seis
147 Ace Hygh 1-20-2021 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Political Nonsense Apollitical Jess
136 Super Phreak 1-21-2021 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Trendi Stoli
135 Cloud Burst 3-04-2021 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Summer Dynasty FDD Dynasty
294 Bedazzled Sky 3-09-2021 Bay Filly Coronado Cartel Illegal Fireworks Walk Thru Fire
297 Famous Eye Glory 1-26-2021 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Eye Of Glory Mr Eye Opener
110 Big Daddy Farr 2-09-2021 Bay Filly Big Daddy Cartel Annis Farr Mr Jess Perry
170 Irish Seis 1-04-2021 Bay Colt Tres Seis Sassy Irish Lassie Walk Thru Fire
80 Unnamed 3-08-2021 Colt Freighttrain B Splendifferous Mr Jess Perry

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